Mod Podge File Cabinet Make-Over


Since buying our home we’ve been talking about remodeling our office for the past year (well maybe more so me than Mr. Woodsy). We officially started working on it this month (although we will both admit that we really haven’t completed too much). Since we’ve been in office/craft remodel mode I’ve been looking at all sorts of ideas. One place I frequently look for ideas is the  
Mod Podge Rocks blog. They always have great ideas and I love using modge podge, so what more could a girl ask for! As I scrolled down there blog the other month I noticed they did a file cabinet revamp, and I instantly knew this may be something I wanted to pursue. I finally convinced Jon to spray paint the ugly brown/grey file cabinet, and after doing a few coats of paint it was still blotchy. Since the front of the cabinet will only be exposed I knew this would be a great fix, and another opportunity to use my color inspiration piece for the office (aka craft room).  DISCLAIMER: Please excuse the mess in the background of almost all the pictures. This room is a work in progress and deemed “construction site” until complete. 

Materials Needed:

-File Cabinet

-Matte Mod Podge

-3 sheets of 12×12 scrapbook paper

-Paper cutter 

-1 sponge brush

-1 credit card to smooth paper

-2 scraps of wood to hold drawers open


This is the some-what before picture. It really was an ugly off tan color, and then Jon spray painted it white. Note to self and others: if your planning to spray paint just go ahead and remove the handles. Don’t tape them up! (Inspiration paper on top–ready to be applied).


First, remove the handles. Then, place a piece of wood in between the drawer and the cabinet to hold it from closing. Once this is complete lay the file cabinet on its back. Place two of the 12×12 scrapbook papers on each of the drawers, and then figure out where you will need to make cuts to fill in the rest of the drawer. 

After the paper has been measured, remove it from the file cabinet, and apply a generous coat on to one of the cabinet drawers. Take the 12×12 scrapbook paper and line it up on the glued area. Add the small strip and make sure that it’s both sheets of paper are even. Gently rub a credit card over the paper making sure that all bubbles have been smoothed out AND that the paper has not shifted. You’ll notice that glue might start to come off the sides. This is fine; however, make sure that the glue does not drip down into the cabinet. With your fingers take the excess glue and “seal” the edges of the paper–lightly tracing around the front of the cabinet and on the seam of the extra strip of paper applied. Once all the glue has been cleaned up place a heavy book on top and start working on the next cabinet drawer *repeat the same steps above*. I did not apply modge podge on the top of the paper if you do this depending on the type of paper it might bubble and curl up. Since my paper was $2 a sheet and had texture I wanted to leave it in tact. Let the cabinet dry, then carefully put the cabinet handles back on. 


Voila! It’s complete. Handles put back on and ready to be used to store files! If you make this–I’d love to  see a picture or link to your blog. It’s always cool to see other fresh creative ideas!


  1. I noticed that in the before picture, the sliding knobs that release the lock on the each cabinet drawer (to the left of the handles) are in tact. I do not see them reinstalled in the after pictures. Were they ruined during disassembly? I’d like to decorate our filing cabinet, but it’s really not an awful color, and if I lose the function of the locking drawers then it wouldn’t be worth it to us to decorate because I need our cabinet to function safely with a houseful of kids. What happened to the sliding unlock pieces?

    • Hi Sue-thanks for the kind compliments. Because our cabinet was for our home we decided to just remove the locking feature all together! They weren’t ruined we just had no need for them! Hope your cabinet project turns out well! Send me a picture if you recreate a file cabinet and I’ll showcase on our social channels!

  2. I meant to say that the cabinet looks great! I hit “Post Comment,” though! But, I like the way it looks!

  3. I know this post is from four yrs ago, but i stumbled upon it and am in love with the print inspiration. Do you happen to know the name of it?

    • Hi Erica, thanks for stopping by. Unfortunately I have no idea what the print is called; however, I believe the paper is still available at Michaels Craft Stores!


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