Skeleton Magnets {Mini Tutorial}

Some of you might know this, but my craft room is non-existant right now. Our guest bedroom has turned into craft room storage, and frankly, looks like an episode of Hoarders {minus the dead cats}. My husband has been working on custom shelving and table top for quite some time now, and unfortunately, it’s no where near complete. Since we had friends over our house last weekend I had to pack all my craft stuff up {again} since it was residing on top of our pool table, and that was not practical for entertaining!

Let me just say that I’m so glad I had the energy to pull a few items out of this hoarders type room! I managed to find my glass stones (large bag for $1 at the dollar store), magnets (18 round magnetic buttons for $2 at walmart), remnants of skeleton scrapbook paper (.55 at Michaels), a foam brush (used), and mod podge ($10). All the items you would need to make some cool skeleton like magnets!
Once you have all of your supplies gathered you’ll want to place a glass stone over the portion of the image you want to cut out and cut around it. As you can tell from the photo below I don’t cut circles well (thankfully you won’t see this with the end product)! Once you’ve cut out all of your circles you’ll want to dab a little bit of mod podge onto the glass stone and carefully secure the paper to it. You’ll want to push on the paper and stone so that all the excess mod podge goes to the outside of the paper (look at the front of the stone you’ll see the glue move to the outside). Once this happens you’ll use your finger and pat the glue around the edge of the paper. Repeat this step until all of your stones are complete. Once these have dried {about 30 minutes} you can place your magnetic button on the back of the paper stone!
Here’s your finished product!
Creepy-cool skeleton magnets to put on your refrigerator!
Disclaimer: I classified this as a $1 project because you won’t use all the materials purchased. Since the $1 bag of glass stones contained about 50 stones: the cost per stone is 2 cents. You are only using but maybe a teaspoon of mod podge. The foam brush is one that I reuse time and time again. The scrapbook paper was 55 cents at Michaels and I literally used a remnant of paper. Depending on how many magnets you make will depend on how much your project will cost.
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