Tutorial: Monogramed Tile Coasters

I’ve seen this tutorial on mutltiple blogs–so many that I think it would take up my whole post to name all the tutorials. I figured I would host my own tutorial; to add to the hundreds of others out there! This is a pretty simple project, and makes for a great inexpensive gift (or simply to just spice up a boring coffee table)! The first time I made these was for a house warming gift (see the picture in our header). *I labeled this as $10 project giving the cost of all the supplies involved. Once you own the supplies this comes out to less than $5 for the set of 4 coasters.
Supplies Needed:
Ceramic 4.25” x 4.25” inch tiles
– 4 (4×4 inch) pieces of foam (or cork)
– Mod Podge, Matte
– Spray Adhesive & super glue
– Old gift card (for spreading glue)
– Sponge brush
– 1 piece of 12×12 scrapbook paper (cut into four, 4×4 pieces)
– 4 letter cut outs of choice
– Crystal clear acrylic spray
First you will want to adhere the foam onto the bottom of the tile using spray adhesive. (This will help protect the surface the coaster will reside on.) You will also want to add a drop of super glue to each corner of the foam. This will guarantee that the foam will not come off the tile.
Next you will want to apply a generous layer of mod podge to the top of the tile. Then add a single layer of 4×4 scrapbook paper to the top of the tile that has modge podge on it. You will want to use an old gift card to gently move the bubbles from underneath the paper. Once you’ve done this you will want to place mod podge on the edges of the title and seal the edges. I like the wrapped look, so I typically have a smidge of overage that I need to wrap around the tile. Once this is done apply a generous coat of mod podge to the top layer. Let it dry before continuing onto the next step.
Next, you will apply another layer of modge podge onto the top of the scrapbook paper, then add your cut out letter of choice. I used the Happy Hauntings “spooky font” (can’t remember the exact size) and cut it out with my cricut.  Make sure you modge podge over the letter as well, and then let it dry.


 Add two more layers of mod podge to the tile (letting it dry in between the two additional layers). This will ensure that the coaster is sealed and will prevent any future water damage. *You’ll notice that the mod podge goes on white. It will dry clear. Don’t worry!
Lastly, you will want to spray a thin layer of crystal clear acrylic to each coaster top to ensure that no moisture gets into the coaster. This will also give a nice shine.
Here is the finished product!


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