Christmas Craft Lunch; Styrofoam Ornaments

Last week a few of the girls and I at the office decided to have another craft lunch. So far we’ve had two and they both were a big hit. We typically choose an easy project that doesn’t require too many supplies and something that could be completed within an hour! We choose to make the infamous cone tree’s scene here and here, but no one was able to find cones (except me)…. so the two other girls who participated decided to make ornaments instead! {My cone tree post will be available soon!}

Kristi made a poinsettia ornament.
Krisit bought a few stems of poinsettia’s and then cut them. She used hot glue to apply them and stuck the sharp end into the styrofoam ball.
Here is a picture of her finished product minus the ribbon to hold the ornament.
Kristi also choose to make a second ornament.
She used glitter poms to make a bright and cheery decoration for her tree.
She used hot glue to apply all the glitter poms.
Here is the almost finished product!
Sarah used scraps of fabric, cut them in squares and made a beautiful fabric ornament!
Sarah dabbed some hot glue on the styrofoam ball.
She placed a square of fabric on the styrofoam ball and then with using a pair of scissors pushed the square of fabric into the styrofoam ball.
Then she would fluff or move the brown fabric around before the glue dried. She repeated this until the entire ball was covered with the brown fabric.
Here is her finished product!
Sarah also started a second ornament while at lunch.
She applied the remnant brown fabric scraps to a styrofoam ball and then hot glued wooden beads to make a pattern.


  1. ooh great idea i love that brown fabric one

  2. Rhiannon says:

    ooh great idea i love that brown fabric one

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