Bean Bag Toss {Guest Blogging on Sawdust and Paper Scraps!}

We are so excited to announce that we are guest posting over at Sawdust and Paper Scraps today, and have finally shared our secret project. A tutorial on making your own Bean Bag Toss game (otherwise known in the South as “Cornhole”). We hope you’ll go over to Sandra’s blog and show your Sew Woodsy love, and follow Sawdust and Paper Scraps while your at it–she’s amazing!

Here are a few more “behind the scenes” pictures from our project:

Mr. Woodsy building the frames. 

Mr. Woodsy working on the legs. *You’ll notice he has no safety glasses on. Don’t worry–it was a posed picture! 🙂 

The bean bag toss boards almost complete!

Sanding the boards. 

Sewing a double stitch was key for this project! 

Corn feed to fill the bean bags. 

The final product. 

Bean bag toss in action! 


  1. Just Jaime says:

    Off to check it out!

  2. Anngela says:

    YAY I have been waiting for one of these tutorials to surface (not like I couldn't have googled one 🙂 haha) BUT I'm glad it came up from the Woodsy's 🙂 Larry will be excited–he's been wanting a set to have at the bar and now he can make one!! GOOD JOB YALL! 🙂

  3. Condo Blues says:

    We call it cornhole in the midwest too. My family calls me the Hole Saw Queen because I've made a bunch of regulation size and mini size for various things this year.

    Have you considered teaching Mr Woodsey to sew the bags and him teaching you to build the boards? It's a great beginner sewing and woodworking project!

  4. Love it. I just made a mini bean bag toss for my daughter this morning. She loves it!


  5. kpmattingly says:

    Thanks for posting..went and checked it out and will be saving it for my husband to make! 🙂

  6. So, I am a little entertained that you are calling this a “tutorial”. I don’t feel as though I am anymore acquainted with the process than I was before when imagining it in my head. You gave no measurements, no specifications on what types of wood you used, the sizes of the holes or the bean bags, no explanations of why you used corn instead of beans, or how you cut out the nice round holes. Did you put any sort of varnish on the finished product? This is obviously an outdoor game and even if you don’t leave it outdoor it could get damaged by sitting in dewy grass or warped by sunlight over a few brutal hours. All in all, it looks like you made a decent looking game and took pretty pictures, but I would hardly say that makes this a tutorial.

    • Hi Mr. John Smith Cranky Pants,
      First off, thanks for visiting our site. Obviously, you didn’t do a thorough job reading the post. The title to the post {in brackets} said that we were guest blogging over at Sawdust and Paper Scraps and encouraged our readers to head over to her site to read our full tutorial that has even more detailed pictures and detailed instructions including exact measurements! We also have a picture on our side bar (under popular post) of the bean bag tutorial. In any event, here is the link to our tutorial: we hope it lives up to your expectations.


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