{Announcement} Bowdabra Design Team

I’m so excited to officially share with our fellow followers that I’ve (Mrs. Woodsy) joined the Bowdabra Design Team! This has been about a month in the making, and it’s been killing me to not share it with the world. I announced it earlier last week on our Facebook Fan Page, upon my bio on the Bowdabra Blog being published. (More reason’s why you should follow us on Facebook–you get to learn “breaking” info as soon as I can release it!) 

Yesterday, the announcement was made official on the Bowdabra Blog. Please stop by the blog, read the announcement, and of course feel free to browse around the blog. Last week, the designers on the blog focused on Back-to-School ideas

I recognize that not everyone might know what a Bowdabra is; it’s an easy-to-use crafting tool used to make bows. You can also read more about the Bowdabra and get some step-by-step directions on the Bowdabra blog. 

I’m so excited to join such an amazing group of ladies. Your probably thinking; “What does Mr. Woodsy think of this”? He’s excited and has already been spitting off ton’s of Bowdabra project ideas to me. At times I think he has more ideas than me! Its great–that’s another perk of working together as a team. Oh, and lastly, you might be wondering if Mr. Woodsy know’s how to operate a Bowdabra. The answer is YES! He used it last Christmas to make my Christmas gifts look amazing! 

I invite you to follow along on the Bowdabra blog to be inspired and get crafty! 


  1. Congratulations! You are one busy bee! Can't wait ot learn more about the Bowdabra.


  2. Congratulations!! I have been using my Bowdbra for years, and just love it!! You will make a great asset to their team!!


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