The Coffin is Down & a Dead Floral Arrangement

 We have officially brought down ALL of our Halloween decorations; both big and small. The last item to come down from the attic the other day was the rustic wood coffin that Mr. Woodsy made last year.

For some reason Mr. Woodsy felt the need to put this up in our attic. Why? Beats me. This is made from wood pallets and easily ways over 50lbs! To be honest I have no idea how he even got this up in our attic.

I started to document the trip down and as I watched Mr. Woodsy sway back and forth I figured I needed to be there to brace his fall just in case… We could have used two body builders to bring this bad-boy down.

After all was said and done… the rustic wood coffin was down. *See all the bins in the foreground? Yep, that is all Halloween decor. Our garage currently looks like Halloween threw up in it! Its pretty bad to be honest.

After taking a minute rest Mr. Woodsy used his skateboard to wheel the coffin into our pool table room.

The coffin is in its home… on top of our entry way shoe rack. Now, I just need to find the fabric that use to cover our shoe rack!


Yesterday, I shared an awesome (and easy) tutorial on how to make some swag for your coffin (or center piece for your table). Make sure you go check out my dead floral arrangement on the Bowdabra Blog!

It didn’t take me long to figure out a project to contribute to the Bowdabra Blog. I knew I wanted to dress up our rustic wood coffin and knew that adding a few dead floral arrangements would help add to the decor.

Our coffin last year did not have any flowers on it… this year it will have a “dead” arrangement and a vase full of “dead” flowers. I love it!

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