{Tutorial} Make Your Own Spooky Ghost

Last year we featured a ghost project. We were so inspired by the project that we made one of our own. This was a last minute project that Mr. Woodsy insisted we needed to make. Because of this he tackled this on his own while I worked on a really cool project that will be featured on Eighteen25 next month! My job was to purchase the materials and take photos. This is a relatively inexpensive project to make and took less than an hour to complete. Actually, we completed this project the day of our Halloween party (last year). You’ll notice that my pictures aren’t crisp and clear (as they normally are); since they were taken last year when I was still very much learning how to use my camera.

Styrofoam head
2 wire hangers
3 yards of muslin
1 package of cheesecloth (from Home Depot)
Safety pins
Fishing line

Straighten out 2 wire hangers. Using a styrofoam head wrap the two wires around the neck of the styrofoam head. Use duct tape where needed to secure the wires.

Make a hole at the base of the styrofoam head then drill a tiny hole on top of the head. Secure fishing line through the head so that you can hang your ghost once it’s complete.

At this point this is what your ghost will look like. Mr. Woodsy was ambitious and thought he would have time to make 2 ghost. Needless to say we still have one “body-less” ghost that we pulled down from the attic.

Next, you will take your muslin and drape it over the “ghost frame”. We used multiple layers of muslin (2-3) to give it a layered effect. Make sure you keep the front and back some-what even. For some reason Mr. Woodsy wanted ours to have a tail… Begin to cut 1/2 inch to 1 inch strips. We cut only a small amount and then tore the rest. To give it a frayed look. *You will need to cut a super tiny hole on the top to pull the fishing line through once you’ve secured where you want your fabric to go.

Next, lay the cheesecloth over top of the muslin (we used one package from Home Depot).

The cheesecloth doesn’t tear as easily so you’ll need to cut strips to fray the pieces.

Lastly, discretely secure the cloth in a few places using safety pins.

Your spooky Halloween ghost is all done and ready to be hung outside!

Display it where the neighbors will see it…

… and watch them be spooked at night!


  1. How fun and simple. Thanks Katie.

  2. I love it! I bet it looks eerie at night!

  3. This is really fun!

  4. Awesome ghost. Thanks for the tutorial!

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