Grapevine Snake Wreath

Last year I got the idea to make a snake wreath from Nitty Gritty Pretty. She made The CSI Project, and I couldn’t live another Halloween without making one of my own! Because we used so much spray paint last year I could not afford to spend any more money on a high quality spray paint I went with a super cheap spray paint. BIG MISTAKE. Because it’s still warm in Florida in October the black spray paint was stick to our front door… thus forcing us to have to re-paint our front door. Spend the money and buy the good stuff! It’s worth it!
Grapevine Rreath
Plastic Snakes (from the $1 store)
Hot Glue Gun & Glue
Black Spray Paint
Drop cloth

With a hot glue gun, glue down your colorful snakes. Try to intertwine them throughout the grapevine wreath. This will help reinforce the hot glue in case it separates. After you hot glue the snakes on to the wreath place the grapevine snake wreath on a drop cloth and begin spray painting. You will need to give this a few coats of spray paint since you will need to cover the entire wreath! 

Once the wreath has dried hang it on your door and enjoy! 



  1. I remember that project from CSI and it still creeps me out so much I haven’t been able to attempt one for our door. *shudder*

    “Nice” job on yours…considering the creepy subject matter! (=

  2. How creepy! Would love if you would link these up to the Scatter Girls’ Fall Front Porch Party going on now:

  3. Creepy and Cute! I made a fall wreath too. Here:

  4. This wreath is spooky!! I imagine if your porch wasn’t well lit, and someone went to knock on your door and JUMP SKY HIGH! Tee Hee

    Visiting from MidWestern Sewing Girl’s linky party (Everything Halloween)

    ~Suzanne in NW Illinois

  5. Oh, Katie! I adore this wreath! I love it so much, I just featured it on my Everything Halloween party! Yay!!!

    You are awesome.

  6. This is fantastic! I love it! I don’t know, though, my big manly hubby is afraid of snakes.
    Via Midwestern (Sewing) Girl

  7. I love this! Found you through A Swell Life’s Terrorific Tuesday, btw. 🙂

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