Painted Frames & Dollar Store Gortraits

Have you ever seen the gortraits at the dollar store? You know the pictures that look like a normal person and then you move and it’s a creepy scary person staring at you. These are really called lenticular’s, but during the Halloween season you can find them referred to as gortraits. For those not familiar with the term lenticular its a form of printing that gives an illusion of depth and an ability to change or move the image. In past years I’ve kept these dollar store gortraits in the cheap plastic looking frames they come in. This year I wanted to take the gortraits out of their cheap plastic frames and give them a more haunting sophisticated look.

During my most recent trip to the thrift store I found two brand new (never used still in the package) 8 x 10 frames from Kirkland for only $2.99! I knew instantly that I was going to not only transform these picture frames into something haunting, but add my dollar store gortraits to them. This would be a great alternative to having to switch out even more pictures each year (although it adds to more Halloween items to store).


Lay down a drop cloth or parchment paper. I used the same parchment paper I used for my Fall Painted Table Runner. Next, remove the glass and cardboard from the frame. Place a white piece of paper in the frame slot. Then apply painters tape around the edge of the frame. This will help protect  the back of the frame from getting paint on it.

Once your frame is taped up you can begin painting. Pour a half dollar size amount of the Martha Stewart Crafts™ Multi-Surface Metallic Acrylic Craft Paint in Sterling on to a paint tray.

Using your Martha Stewart Crafts™ Utility Brush apply a generous coat of the sterling silver craft paint. Repeat until both frames are completely covered. Once all the paint has been applied to the frame let it dry completely (at least 2-4 hours).

Once the frame has dried completely you can now apply the Martha Stewart Crafts™ Weather Crackle Effect. Apply a thick coat for larger crackles and a thinner coat for tiny crackles. The key to using this product is to not over brush!!! Once you’ve applied the crackle let it dry completely for at least 2-4 hours.

Once your frame has dried completely you can apply the last coat of paint to your frame! Generously apply the Martha Stewart Crafts™ Multi-Surface Satin Acrylic Craft Paint in Beetle Black.

I lightly brushed the beetle black on to the frame (as pictured above).

On the first frame I painted a thick coat of black paint on the frame which did not allow for as much of the silver to peak through (left).  I learned through trial and error and painted a light coat on the second frame (right).

Next, you will want to carefully remove the gortrait from its plastic frame. *You’ll notice that a little bit of the paper came off when taking my gortrait off the plastic frame. That’s totally ok just be weary of ripping off the back film.

Next, place the gortrait on the center of the black cardstock. *This is only necessary if your gortrait is smaller than the picture window. *My gortrait still had almost all of its adhesive on the back, so I just used that. If your gortrait does not you may need to use an adhesive to secure it to the paper.

Next, peel the tape off the frame and place the glass back in the frame. Then place the gortrait in the frame followed by the cardboard.

Display your gortrait proudly.

Add a skull and black crow to set the tone.


  1. Great post! Eerie Elegance wins!

  2. Wow, very creative, and the grouping has a great effect on being eerie, might have to make one myself. Found you at Oh Baby, Friday.

  3. great transformation! I just recently discovered the lenticulars this year and am loving them!

    Dropping by via Brooklyn Limestone. Will also be doing a guest post next week!

  4. Such a great project and fabulous upgrade! So glad we linked-up right next to one another at Flamingo Toes this afternoon!

    Jenn/Rook No. 17

  5. Christine says:

    Interesting how great minds think alike…. I found a handsome guy in uniform at Dollar Tree last week and he too was in a cheap plastic frame. I brought him home and placed him in an extra frame(I always keep extra frames around). He now has the distinguished look that he deserves. Have a great day and thanks for sharing.

  6. Woot, a new word! Gortrait! Thanks for linking up to Refresh Your Nest Friday.

    PS- be sure to stop back to see if you were featured this week. {hint, hint…}

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