Pinterest + Halloween

Like most of the world… I’m obsessed with Pinterest. Even Mr. Woodsy know’s what it is, and frequently ask me to get off Pinterest and get work done! Pinterest has truly brought my Halloween project list to an all new level.

My Halloween board is tied in “pins”  with my Sweets board with a whopping 229 ideas pinned. That’s a lot of pinning if I do say so myself.

My most recent find and awesome idea is inspired by BHG. I love the idea of having a drink bar. This is something I’ve never done in the past and I’m really giving this one a good thought. I’ve been wanting to do themed cocktails for a while. This can easily be achieved for only a few dollars by using scrap wood to create a frame with a stenciled on pattern and a sheet of plywood (or heck foam core) add chalk board paint and you have a decorative sign that you can change each year!

Another idea that I’ve been pondering this year is to make my own tombstones. Here is a great tutorial I found *and plan on using in the coming weeks.

Want to get some awesome Halloween ideas? Go visit my Pinterest board.

I’d also love to see what Halloween ideas you’re pinning.

If I’m not following your Halloween board post your Halloween link below!


  1. I really haven’t pinned much, except for a few recipes! I love the neat ideas that you showed on this page that you pinned for Halloween! Awesome!!!

  2. TheNextMartha says:

    I think I have 6 Halloween boards. I may need rehab.

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