{Pool Table} Dining Room Tablecloth

What do you do when you need a table cloth that fits a massive pool table–table top? You certainly can’t find one that fits (and looks good) at just any store, and if you try to buy one from a specialty store you are going to spend a ridiculous amount of money.

My good friend, Sarah, from While They Snooze, suggested I buy 2 or 3 table cloths and sew them together. I took her advice, and that’s exactly what I did! I’m so incredibly happy with how it turned out, and best of all I now have a table cloth to put on the table top for years to come!

Yesterday, I went to Walmart and purchased 3 table cloths (although after I got home and laid 2 of them out I realized I would only need 2 table cloths)!

After I figured out how many table cloths I needed, I then began ironing the table cloths (they were beyond wrinkled and didn’t make for a pretty table scape)!

After spending over a half hour ironing both table cloths I then laid them out on my pool table–table top.

Next, I lined the two table cloths together.

Next, I flipped the table cloth over so that right sides were facing each other, and began pinning against the end seams. I left 6 inches on each side open so that it looked like a “pleat” of sorts. You can sew the table cloth right down the center or leave the openings. It’s totally up to you!

Then, carefully (and lightly) fold the table cloth so that you have the seam side to work with. This is a lot of fabric, so you will want to keep it folded as best as you can (and not wrinkle it)! Begin sewing with a straight stitch as close to the edge as possible.

Once your done sewing the two pieces together place it on your pool table-table top! What a big difference from “naked” to “covered”!

Although the pool table cover still shows on the ends I’m so happy that the table cloth covers the long sides of the pool table!

Add some decorative pumpkins, flameless candles, and artificial fall leaves…

 I think we are officially ready to have guest over for Thanksgiving!


  1. Kudos on the success! I saw your project on TT&J. Out of curiosity, how noticeable is the seam?

  2. Nice! What size tablecloths did you get?

    • 60″ x 80″ oblong. Hope that helps. Not all pool tables are the same size (some are smaller than ours) so make sure you just measure it out before you start sewing!

  3. Where do you get the table topper you have sitting on the pool table? We have a soft padded cover and then the leather cover that goes over that, but I’m wondering if we need an actual wood topper (like it looks you have) before we put any food items or anything hot on it.

    • you can find them at pool table stores. It’s a custom made table topper. Years ago it was about $500 don’t know what they cost now.

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