12 Days of Handmade Ornaments + Snowflake Confetti Ornament

Happy first day of December. I’m so excited… the day has finally arrived and we can finally debut our first ever 12 Days of Handmade Ornaments. During the next 12 days we will be showcasing 12 different ornaments from 11 bloggers!

12/1  Sew Woodsy
12/2  Vivienne  from The V Spot 
12/3  Victoria from Vixen Made
12/4  Johnnie from Saved By Love Creations
12/5  Sew Woodsy
12/6  Carolyn from Homework 
12/7  Anngela from Anngela’s Pretty Little Things
12/8  Krista from Thar She Sews
12/9  Lindsay from Southern Lovely
12/10  Tonia from The Gunny Sack
12/11  Sarah from While They Snooze
12/12  Maggie from Midwestern Sewing Girl

On the 13th we will have a recap of all the amazing ornaments, and on the 14th we will have a Christmas dedicated link party! So get ready for two weeks of holiday fun!

Now… on to my ornament!

Snowflake Confetti Ornament

This is an easy-to-make ornament that just about anyone can make. If you can use a hole punch you can make this ornament! The bow is just a nice added extra!


Clear Plastic Ornament

12 x 12 piece of Holiday Scrapbook Paper

Snowflake Hole Punch

Mini Bowdabra®

Hair Bow Tool & Ruler with Hair Bow Making CD

Bowdabra® Bow Wire

Wired Ribbon

Begin punching snowflakes out of the 12 x 12 piece of scrapbook paper. I tried to space my snowflake punches evenly that way I could reuse the cut out paper for Christmas cards!

Begin carefully placing the snowflakes inside the ornament.

I found that curving the snowflake one-by-one worked best.

Keep punching out snowflakes until you’ve used up the entire sheet of scrapbook paper.

Once you have all of your snowflakes in your ornament you can place the cap back on the ornament.

Next, using your Mini Bowdabra® and Hair Bow Tool & Ruler with Hair Bow Making CD you will place a piece of Bowdabra Wire 12 inches long. Fold it in half and place it in the Mini Bowdabra.

Using the ribbon on the spool, insert the end of the ribbon in the Mini Bowdabra. Make a loop about 5 1/2 cm long. Give the end of the ribbon a twist before placing into the Mini Bowdabra. Because this ribbon is the same on  both sides I don’t have to worry about the right side of the ribbon facing. It’s a basic twist and turn. I made 4 loops on each side. Once you have achieved the desire amount of loops use your Mini Bowdabra wand and scrunch the ribbon down. Leave the bow in the Bowdabra for now. Thread the 2 loose ends of the Bowdabra Bow Wire through the loop at the other end. Pull the wire tightly so the bow will not fall apart, then remove from the Mini Bowdabra. Separate the two loose ends of the wire and bring them around to the back of the bow. Double knot, and do not cut wire ends. Fluff the bow to achieve the look you want.

Next, loop the Bowdabra Wire around the hook of the ornament.

Tie the end of the Bowdabra Wire around the top where the bow is.

Cut any remaining pieces of Bowdabra Wire.

Once your ornament is finished you can hang it on your tree!

 I hope you enjoyed my ornament and will make it in the coming weeks! Make sure you stop by each day to check out the other 11 amazing ornaments still to be featured!


  1. So darling, Katie!!! I can’t wait to see your tree with all of the finished handmade ornaments!!!

  2. Love that snowflake punch! Very pretty!

  3. LOVE! I can’t wait to try it.

  4. Super cute! Love how simple that is!

  5. Thanks for following at Hating Martha! Had to stop by and check out your blog…happy to follow yours as well!

  6. This is great! I have a punch like that and I can’t wait to get started on this project. Thanks for the idea!

  7. Easy and fun! Just my style. 🙂

  8. Haha, Katie, we did come up with the same idea! Awesome, I love it! I love the shape of the ornaments you did too. I wish I could do glass ones on our tree, but with the kids, I think it would be too traumatic for me. 😉 Hope you have an awesome Friday!

  9. I love this! What a great idea!! Thanks so much for linking up Katie!

  10. I love this idea! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Wow this is a good idea!


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