It all starts with paint…

We finally picked out paint colors for our Master Bedroom Revamp project. This is a long awaited project for us. It started in April when Mr. Woodsy asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I said… I wanted a master retreat. I don’t want just a boring bedroom. I want a place to escape to on a daily/nightly basis. I want a retreat. We always try to tackle project on a limited budget, and this is yet again another one of those low budget projects. I figured a little paint on the walls, add in some crown moulding, a new comforter set, a DIY fabric head board, and a few other touches and our room will feel more like a retreat… fast forward to December 2011… 8 months later and we are finally starting this project. It all starts with paint.

Well, maybe not just paint. This is my inspiration piece, my color pallet. this gorgeous comforter that we finally agreed on and purchased back in April.

Two nights ago we made our way to Home Depot with our pillow sham in hand. We went to the BEHR ColorSmart station and started picking out paint colors. Did you know that they have a mobile app for picking out colors in the comfort of your own home?

We took the machines advice along with matching and pairing other colors to the pillow sham. The top photo is a wide variety of choices we were thinking of, and the bottom photo is of the swatches we chose to get samples of. We pulled the faux styles brochure, because we plan to do a faux accent wall with two colors. I love buying samples of paint.

For only $3 each you can test out the paint on various walls to make sure you are 100% sure of the color. Plus after your done then you have a small jar of paint to use for future projects!

This morning, I grabbed a leftover gift box from Christmas, lined it with paper towels and began painting sample squares on to the walls of our bedroom.

Lids off and I was ready to start painting!

The first wall I painted was a mini wall opposite of our windows. I wanted to see how it would look on the wall that received quite a bit of natural light.

Next, I painted squares against the wall with the windows. I wanted to see how it would look on this wall.

Lastly, I painted a set of squares on our longest wall. Which is also parallel to the windows. The dark granite looks like black in this photo. It’s amazing how light can vary color.

So… which colors will it be? Stay tuned in 2012 as we document our Master Bedroom Revamp project step-by-step! In the meantime you can take a peak at my Pinterest board for our Master Bedroom Revamp project and follow us on Facebook as I give some detailed {insider} secrets as to what we are up to!

Disclaimer: I was not paid nor asked to write this post. I love BEHR paint and want to share our love of the product with our readers.


  1. Very exciting! I really, really love all the color choices and would have such a tough time deciding. Can’t wait to see what you guys go with!

  2. I really like the colors that you’ve chosen! Nice!

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