Scrappy Kid Ornament

I’m so excited to have my friend (in real life) Sarah from While They Snooze with us today! She creates some amazing work. She had her kiddo’s create some adorable kid-friendly ornaments for their Christmas tree!

Hi.  I’m Sarah; wife and mom of 2 from While They Snooze. When I’m not working, wrangling kids, doing laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, wiping poop, breaking up a fight, or filling a juice cup… you can find me coffee and dessert in hand behind my sewing machine. Most of my projects and tutorials involve sewing but occasionally I break out the glue gun. My blog is a lot of creative inspiration mixed with a bit of honest motherly venting. Grab your latte and enjoy.

Growing up, we always had a real Christmas tree.  The first few years of married life I had a real tree too.  My husband wasn’t so keen on the idea.  Logically it makes more sense to get a fake tree… cheaper in the long run, that whole bursting into flames thing, less mess, yada yada.  However, sentimentally, I was pretty attached to having the real deal.  Last year he convinced me it was time to take the fake tree plunge.  I agreed on one condition: we were going to get the best fake tree we could find.  And thanks to the American Express points we had built up… money was no object.  (Well, it was, but I wasn’t getting a $1000 tree or anything) I scoured and found the one I wanted online. A few clicks later in showed up via UPS.

Houston, we have a problem. This tree is HUGE.  Apparently things look different in tiny pictures on the internet.  I had no idea it was going to be so large. Let’s just say our living room is very festive… and half taken up by a massive tree. Oh well… one day we will have a house with a living room big enough to non-ridiculously accommodate our Time Square-sized tree. In the mean time, I’ll just make ornaments to fill it up. Cue Scrappy Kid Ornament!

Like it?  My 1-year old made that. Well, I made the bow, but he did everything else. : )

Here’s what you need.
• Styrofoam Balls (with or without dirt… doesn’t matter) Mine were used as make shift golf balls in the backyard, naturally.

• Fabric Scraps

• Glue (Any kind of kid-friendly craft glue that dries clear will work. Mod Podge would be great too)

Ribbon scrap to make the bow
Thin string or ribbon to make a loop
Hot glue to attach those

Step 1
Set up kids and supplies (minus the hot glue) in a glue proof area. My kids worked on paper plates.

Step 2
Help kids cut scraps into 1″ – 2″ pieces. (I tried to give my daughter coordinating girly scraps, and my son coordinating boyish scraps)

Step 3
Generously coat a 2″-3″ section of your styrofoam ball in glue. Apply a scrap or two and smooth it down with your finger.  Glue should get on top of the scrap too and on the edges.

Step 4
Continue covering the entire ball with glue and scraps, working in small sections.

Step 5
When dry, poke a small hole with a pencil about an inch deep into the ball. Put a dot of hot glue in the hole and poke 2 ends of a thin ribbon or string in there with the pencil to make the loop. (Adults = hot glue, not kids)

Step 6
Tie a bow with a ribbon or fabric scrap and hot glue it at the top. Done.
Kaley takes her ornament very seriously. (And yes she had a hair cut in between photos)

Austin is a little more excited.


  1. so adorable!!! I love the colors the kids chose…beautiful…

  2. such a fun craft for the kids. love it!


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