Valentine Glow in the Dark Dog Bandana

Our little pup, Lola, gets a cute little bandana every time she goes to the groomers. However, she doesn’t go to the groomers but 4 times a year. I figured it would be nice to put Lola in the Valentine spirit as well. I also wanted to make it glow in the dark, so that when she goes out in our back yard at night we can see her. Now that we have the fence it’s difficult to see her unless we have our back porch light on, and even then if she wonders over to the other side of the yard we are having to follow her around. In my mind, this scarf is multi-purpose. It’s cute but yet practical for our needs of seeing our 10 pound pooch in the dark!


Valentine Fabric

Old bandana to use as template


Sewing Machine

Glow in the Dark Fabric Paint

1. Place the old bandana on the new fabric, trace around it, and cut the fabric.

 2. Next, fold the fabric edges over by a half inch. Press with an iron.

3. Open the pressed seam and fold the fabric in half, so that the frayed edge reaches the pressed seam. Then fold over again, press with hot iron and steam.

4. Once you’ve pressed your seams you can now stitch around the edges.

5. Once you’ve stitched around the edges of the bandana you are ready to apply the glow in the dark fabric paint.

6.  Shake your glow in the dark paint well before applying.

7. I decided to only apply the glow in the dark paint on the white heart areas and all other areas that had white on the bandana.

8. Now put it on your pooch and let her/him model it for you!

p.s. trying to get a hyper-active dog to sit still and have their photo taken isn’t easy. This is the only face shot I got out of 30 photos and she still refused to open her eyes! lol.


  1. Both your puppy and her bandana are adorable! I love the glow-in-the dark fabric paint. Nice touch. I’m visiting from The Gunny Sack.

  2. Lola is a cutie and looks quite fetching in her new bandana!

  3. This post made me smile 🙂



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