Blogging Tips & Tricks: Multiple Ways to Follow a Blog

Happy Friday! Today is the third Friday in a row that we are talking about another blogging tip. We hope everyone has enjoyed the series thus far.

Today we are talking about the multiple ways to follow blogs. This is very appropriate given the fact that Google Friend Connect (GFC) will no longer work for bloggers on or and the rumor has it that GFC will be phased out all together in the coming year. Some of you may have noticed that we removed the GFC follow button earlier this month. At this point their is no sense in keeping GFC if it’s inevitably going to be gone. Here are three ways you can still receive updates from our blog and many other blogs in the “blogosphere”.

Linky Followers: This new platform is slowly taking over GFC for most bloggers. You’ll notice I have a Linky Followers widget on the right side of our blog. Linky Followers is free for anyone to use and works on all blog platforms. You can add all the blogs you want to read, group your blogs by genre (Home/DIY, Cooking, Travel, etc) and visit the blogs you follow right on the Linky Followers website. Take note this is still in beta testing. So far I’ve had no problems with it and the creator, Brent, is open to any and all suggestions. He is amazing and is always at a bloggers service!


Feedburner: Did you know that you can get every blog post delivered right to your email inbox? I love that option. If you aren’t doing so already and want to subscribe via email to Sew Woodsy you plug your email address below. Yep, I’ve embedded a real working form just for you to subscribe via email.

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You can also subscribe via RSS. Do you know what an RSS Feed is? It’s a way that news-related materials whether its blogs, website, or other sites can syndicate their content onto an RSS Feed so others can reed. It allows you to stay informed without clogging up your email inbox.

MailChimp: Lastly, their is MailChimp! This is a new service that we are trying out and going to offer. MailChimp is a free service up to 2,000 subscribers and 1200 emails each month –then their after they have multiple paid subscription options. It is an easy-to-use email newsletter system that not only gives you some design freedom but helps you deploy newsletters. We are going to start off with a monthly newsletter. My hopes is to give our readers a recap of what has been going on with Sew Woodsy along with other news and interesting tidbits that someone may want to know about.

So, if you’d like to subscribe to our new Monthly Newsletter please feel free to do so below!


I hope this post was informative and  you learned about other ways to follow blogs other than Google Friend Connect. Are you currently using any of these services or plan to use any of the services mentioned above?



  1. Thanks for all the suggestions. I am looking into as a way to follow blogs. Do you or any of your readers have any feedback on it??

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