Burlap Tablecloths

My best friend got married last month, and I had the honor of being her bridesmaid. When she first started telling me and picking my brain about the rustic style wedding she wanted to have she told me she wanted to have burlap table cloths. I thought it was a great idea and totally went with the rustic theme. Then after we talked about draping 3 burlap cloths over one another it didn’t sound realistic to me. So, I being the amazing friend that I am volunteered to sew her table cloths for her. Some may call me crazy. I call my self a good friend. Because that’s what friend’s do… right?

A month later my best friend drove down to our home (3 hours away) to deliver the burlap… 75 yards of burlap. Pictured above is what 75 yards of burlap looks like–and by the way 75 yards = 85lbs! Mr. Woodsy reluctantly brought the burlap inside. This just so happened to be delivered on the same day we were working on our headboard! Not only did Mr. Woodsy feel like he was carrying a dead body, but he practically pulled his back out of whack in doing so.

Once the 85lbs of burlap goodness was in our home we enrolled it and began measuring, and cutting, and measuring, and cutting, and repeated this step for 5 hours. I’m not kidding. 5 hours of measuring and cutting. By the end we were delusional and looked like we were ransacked by a hairy burlap animal.

Then came the fun part… sewing these babies. All 10 – 90 inch long burlap table cloths.

1. We cut both a pieces of tan and sage green burlap to be 90 inches long. To save on materials, money, and make these fit perfectly we cut  the tan and sage burlap in half lengthwise. I believe the tan burlap was 60 inches wide and we cut the burlap to be 30 inches. Same goes with the sage green burlap–we cut that in half lengthwise. We then pinned one side of the tan and sage together.

2. For sewing purposes we rolled the tan in towards the seam where the tan meets sage green.

3. Then we rolled the sage green side in.

4. Carefully begin folding it up. This will make it so much more manageable when you go to sew.

*Prior to sewing I used 3 remnant pieces of burlap and made a few examples of how I could stitch. We both agreed that the zig zag stitch closest to the two ends of the fabric looked best. Using extra strong denim thread in a beige color I began sewing. Because my machine is more for beginners and has been over-sewn on by a year my poor little machine took a beating. The burlap was thick and my machine foot didn’t move as fast as the needle and thread were. Thus, Mr. Woodsy came to the rescue and would literally pull from the other end to keep the burlap moving through the machine for me. We learned this after our first table cloth when we noticed how tight the stitches were. Once one side of the burlap was sewn together we then repeated the steps above and sewed the other side. We did not sew around the perimeter of the table cloth its self. We wanted to keep a rustic look. Mr. Woodsy and I had it down to a science once we figured out what we needed to do–it took us about 30-45 minutes to sew one table cloth. My goal was to complete one each day, but that didn’t happen, so instead I would do a few at a time. Once I started I didn’t want to stop.

My best friend had two receptions. One in Ohio where she got married and one in Florida. The pictures above and below are of those in Ohio. She re-used the burlap pennant banner I made her for her bridal shower on her bar. On the buffet table she draped solid tan burlap over the tables.

The pictures I took in Ohio don’t do the table cloths justice. The table cloths really looked amazing and fit their theme so well. She found the beautiful tree bark vases online and had tea-light candles to add to the mood. The groom’s mother made grape jelly from our grape vines in her back yard in Ohio! I thought it was so unique and extra special! I loved how she used the twine to tie on the tag for the grape jelly!

Her Florida reception was held at an Agricultural center. An old barn had been converted into a covered pavilion of sorts. Their were chickens running around and horse stables right next door. They even brought out a horse for the kids to ride. My best friends wedding was exactly how I pictured it and matched her personality to a tee! I think that’s the most important thing when you’re getting married and planning you’re wedding. You’re wedding should reflect you and your future spouse.


  1. That is a lot of sewignand love! they looks amazing! 🙂

  2. Jessie Brown says:

    Hi there!

    Did you make the burlap table cloths to fit a 90 inch round table? I am wanting to make some for my upcoming wedding and I’m so glad I found your blog! Did you cut the material to be 90×90? Thanks for the input!


    • Mrs. Woodsy aka Katie says:

      Hi Jessie–thanks for stopping by. Per the tutorial the table cloths were 90 x 60 (they fit an 8 top table). You could easily modify my tutorial to make your tablecloths fit whatever size table you need. Good luck!

  3. hey are those table clothes still around … and would you loan them out – almost exactly what i’m looking for with no time to sew

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