Spring Grapevine Wreath


I’ve never been big into wreaths and wreath making until we bought our home, and even then 2-1/2 years later I’ve officially gotten the wreath making bug. Our front door had been bare since Valentine’s Day and I was itching to make a spring wreath. I hadn’t planned on using a grapevine wreath, but time and time again they just levitate toward me! I made this wreath in less than 30 minutes, and when my neighbor came over she asked where I bought it–I was pleased to tell her that I made it. Of course now she is bugging me to make her one!


Grapevine Wreath

1 package of Caspia Basil

1 Garden Greenery Bush

1 Detailed Accent Filler

1 3-pc set of small wire Butterflies

1 large clip-on butterfly

Wire cutters

Bowdabra + Bowdabra Bow Wire

1.5′ wide Wired Ribbon

Fishing Line + Thumb Tack

1. Remove Caspia Basil from package. Warning–this will get every where. Know going into this project that you WILL have to vacuum.

2. Begin tucking pieces of the caspia basil into the grapevine wreath.

3. Once you have enough caspia basil in the grapevine wreath tuck in the 1 detail accent filler.

4. Using wire cutters or plyers begin snipping a few of the flowers off of the garden greenery bush.

5. Begin tucking individual flowers into the grapevine wreath one-by-one.

6. Next, take the wired butterflies out of the package.

7. Carefully begin twisting the wire of the butterfly on to the grapevine wreath.

8. Clip on the large butterfly near the top of the wreath opposite the greenery side.

9. Create a Bowdabra Bow *not pictured, and tie it onto the wreath.

10. Your wreath is complete–now just tie fishing wire on to the top of the wreath to be hung.

11. Hang your wreath on the front door at your desired height. *We use fishing wire so that it looks like the wreath is magically hanging on the door.

12. Using a thumbtack, tack the wreath to the top of the door, and cut excess fishing line.

Admire your wreath during the next few months of spring!


  1. What a cute wreath! I love the colors! Great job- thanks for sharing 🙂


  2. That is a beautiful wreath! I LOVE the colors. Yellow and purple were my wedding colors. I definitely need a wreath in the same.:)

  3. I am in love with this wreath! I love the butterflies!


  1. […] fishing wire around the wreath, and tie it to the command hook. Like they did here. Or, you could use a thumbtack in the top of the door instead of a command hook on the […]

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