{Card Making} Father’s Day Cards

Father’s day is a week from tomorrow, and by now most of us are buying gifts and making cards. I felt it was appropriate to share two different cards I made for two special father’s in our lives. The first card requires no die-cutting machine and the second card I made using my die cutting machine. I will definitely admit that this isn’t my best work, but I feel its important to showcase that I’m not perfect and I don’t alway produce the most amazing cards. You’ll notice my cards are simple, but always made with love and from the heart.

 First, gather all of your supplies together. For this card you will need:

(1) 5.5 in x 4.25in card

Mod Podge 3D Foam Adhesive Mounts

Paper from DCWV Winter Combo

Brown Recycled Cardstock

Fiskars Paper Trimmer

Purple Cows 9 Blade Trim It

Xyron 2.5 inch create-a-sticker

Ruler, Pen, Scissors, Calligraphy Pen

Turn the printed piece of paper over and create a tie. I did this free hand–it wasn’t even, but in my opinion that’s what makes it special and from the heart!

Next, cut the tie out using scissors or a paper trimmer. Then align it to your liking on the card.

Then, by using a scraps from your tie cut out make two “collar” pieces.

Run the collar pieces through the xyron 2.5inch create-a-sticker machine.

Reposition your tie to exactly how you want it.

Adhere the collars on to the card. Don’t worry if they don’t line up perfectly with your cards width.

Trim the collar pieces so that they fit the card perfectly. You will also want to cut the top of the tie off of the card at this time.

If you have a sewing machine–run your card through your sewing machine. I love to do this–it gives great detail and texture!

This is what the tie looks like sewn on.

Using a small 1-inch piece of recycled card stock, run it through the Purple Cows 9 Blade Trim It. *I love this paper trimmer because it has 9 built in blade styles.

Write your message of choice. I wrote, “#1 Dad” using a calligraphy pen.

Add the 3D adhesive mounts to the back of the cut out phrase.

Adhere the phrase to the card.

Trim the excess recycled card stock from the card ends.

Within minutes you have a handmade Father’s day card that your dad will cherish for many years to come!

Next up is a simple die-cut card.

Let’s gather our supplies:

Paper from DCWV Citrus Madstack

(1) 5.5 in x 4.25in card

Cricut Machine

Base Camp Cricut Cartridge

Xyron 2.5 inch create-a-sticker

Mod Podge 3D Foam Adhesive Mounts

Purple Cows 9 Blade Trim It

I cut out two different coordinating papers with the word “dad”. The first pictured to the left was a shadow blackout cut at 3″ the second was at 2.5″ using a regular shadow.

Now run your shadow blue letters through the Xyron 2.5 inch create-a-sticker.

Adhere the blue letters to the blackout shadow letters.

Add the 3D adhesive mounts to the back. You’ll notice that I don’t waste. I use all aspects of the adhesive mounts!

Cut a 2-inch strip using the Purple Cows 9 Blade Trim It with a zig zagged option. Run the piece of paper through the sticker machine and adhere to the center of the card.

Adhere the letters on to the card, and your done!

Do you plan to make your dad a card this father’s day? If so, will it be the free hand style or using a die-cut machine?

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