Curbside Finds

This is a very impromptu post. I walked out of our bedroom this morning and Mr. Woodsy had a grin on his face (like he was up to no good). I kept asking him what was up and he finally bursted out and said that he found a ton of furniture on the curb a few houses down from us. He was so excited–it was like a kid on Christmas morning. I knew he wanted to go pick up the furniture. He promised me that it wouldn’t stay in our garage permanently and that he would just try to flip most of it. So I agreed and told him to go while I finished toasting his bagel and making coffee.

He came back just a few minutes later with a truck full! It’s all Ikea furniture and as we all know–anything Ikea sells! I was happy to see that all the furniture was in excellent condition. So of course being the awesome wife I am–I helped him unload the truck and proceed to take photos in case we decided to flip the items as is.

First up, Ikea BJURSTA table. It’s a solid birch veneer table with a leaf that turns the table from a 4 top to a 6 top! Retails for $229!

4 IKEA HARRY chairs in birch. Each retailing for $50 each!

$450 for the entire set… pretty sweet find if you ask me!

Not 1 but 2 IKEA BESTA cabinets. I can’t find these exact ones online but I’m thinking they are easily over $100 each!

We saw these little gems last night. Not gonna lie… we were close to picking them up then, but we just weren’t sure so we left them on the curb. Then when Mr. Woodsy decided to go curbside picking this morning he grabbed them. Our tv currently sits on a $50 Ikea Lack shelve. It’s like a foot off the ground. We bought this as a transition piece 3 years ago while Mr. Woodsy made us a tv stand. Well three years later and that entertainment center has yet to be built, so we are seriously contemplating keeping these and raising our tv up. We can use these as a temporary furniture piece until Mr. Woodsy has time to make us an entertainment stand, but until then–this may do the job (and of course prolong him from making a new entertainment stand)! lol.

Target artwork… I’m guessing this goes for $20 each? I’m definitely keeping these–the frames alone are worth it! I love the pattern but don’t know if it will really go with our decor… so I guess only time will tell what I’m going to do with these!

And then this musical artwork–not sure if we are selling this or keeping them just for the sake of the frames.

So this is now what our garage looks like–granted I’m pretty sure we are selling the table and chairs possibly moving the besta shelves into our home with a little touch up and DIY love. Maybe… we can paint them? And for those of you who have been dieing to see our dressers… well you got a sneak peak.

Are we crazy for curbside picking? Do you find yourself hauling free furniture and goods off the curb? Does your garage look like ours does now? We’d love to hear that we are not alone!


  1. You’re certainly not crazy…umm, why would anyone throw that stuff out? I never throw stuff like that out…it’s usually really crappy. haha Jon has a good eye!

    • I think they are just moving out of state–whatever reason they had to throw away so many great furniture pieces is beyond me. On a side note as Jon drove all our new haul to the house he saw a neighbor getting rid of wicker chairs that were falling apart… that’s what is normally found in our neighborhood.

  2. What the heck?!!! That stuff is in great condition… Must be a divorce down the street and someone got their stuff thrown out of the house!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

    Great get.

  3. Gee, I hope it was really for the taking. I’m always sceptical of taking somebodies things without a sign saying “free” or “please take” on them. It would be aweful to think they might have set it out for a moving truck that was on it’s way over. hahaha!

  4. I love taking stuff from the curb, my other half?, not so much, good thing he loves me. But now after combining households I don’t have a garage anymore and his house is so much smaller, I don’t have any room. He doesn’t know it but I’ve looked into getting a storage locker…I’m on the cusp or retirement and I’m going to do a lot of flipping and ebay selling once I’m out of the 9 to 5. I picked up a desk at curbside this fall and sold it for $250…he’s starting to come around (I wish he would because he’s got a truck and I’ve only got a little Toyota). Enjoy what brings you joy!

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