How to Make a Zero Clearance Table Saw Insert

After we purchased our dressers from the kind man on Craigslist Mr. Woodsy started research how he was going to rebuild the drawer slides. 80% of the current drawer slides were broken and we wanted each drawer to glide with ease. For a good month he was convinced that he was going to hand craft all 14 drawer slides. That was until a dinner with my family back in March where my mom jokingly told him that she knows he can build everything and do everything, but lets get realistic that is not the best use of your time. So, after months of debating– someone finally got through to him that it wasn’t a smart idea.

A few days later we ordered the Classic Wood Center Mount Drawer Slides from Rockler and at the time saved almost $40 thanks to a sale they were having. Once the box arrived Mr. Woodsy took them out and began modifying them. That’s when he realized he needed a zero clearance insert for his table saw. Instead of spending money on one he quickly made one that only cost time not money!

Mr. Woodsy took his original table saw insert (pictured above) and traced it on a piece of 1/4 inch wood. He then cut it out using his scroll saw. He inserted the cut piece into his table saw. His clips in one side and then screws in on the bottom. It just depends what type of table saw you have as to which way the insert will lay.

Zero Clearance Table Saw Insert

Since I took so many rapid-fire photographs of Mr. Woodsy bringing the blade through the insert I decided to make it into a gif. You’ll want to turn on your table saw with the blade all the way down and then slowly begin to bring the blade up. In return it will begin to cut through the insert. Bring the blade all the way up and then back down.

That’s it! Now Mr. Woodsy has a zero clearance insert for his table saw. Now when he cuts small pieces he won’t lose them in the saw.

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