{Bedroom Accessory} Spray Painted Picture Frame

A few months ago I found this amazing frame at Ross for $4.99. I knew the color wouldn’t work but the style and shape was exactly what I was looking for. I knew a little spray paint could transform it exactly how I wanted it.

spray painted frame


  • Picture Frame
  • Spray Paint
  • Drop Cloth

spray paint a picture frame

Remove the glass and backing from the picture frame. Place the picture frame on a drop cloth away from anything that could be damaged.

Spray Paint a Frame

Begin spray painting your frame. I chose to do a light spray over the pink and a heavier spray over the center of the frame. I loved how the pink and yellow blended together.

spray painted picture frame

spray painted picture frame

spray painted picture frame

For just a few extra dollars I got the picture frame color of my choice. I think we tend to forget that we can always change the color of something. With a little additional work and money we can create something into exactly what we want. This picture frame made me think out of the box! I know some of you may be wondering why I’m sharing this today–I want to remind everyone to always think out of the box.

If you find an accessory that you love but it’s not the color you are looking for–don’t be afraid to paint it!


  1. I love the way you spray painted it, to let the pink stick out a bit. Love it!

    • Thanks Melanie! It was not my original intentions to let the pink show; however, after my first coat of spray paint I loved how it looked and that’s when I decided I wanted a little bit of the pink to shine through!

  2. I love the frame, and I also love love the buddha!! Where’d you get it?

  3. That is such a sweet pic of the two of you! Love how you let a little pink thru. 🙂


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