Blogging Tips & Tricks: How to Create an Animated Gif File

I haven’t done a blogging tips & tricks post in a while. I recently started creating gif files as a way to show a rapid succession of something myself or Mr. Woodsy was working on. I had quite a few people ask me how to create an animated gif. It’s not hard and after a little googling and trying out a few automated programs I became an animated gif making machine.

You may be wondering… what is a GIF?  According to good ‘ol wiki it stands for Graphics Interchange Format. Back in the day *like circa 80’s* you would save your image as a GIF to help it load quicker. However, in this case we are adding multiple jpegs and turning it into one gif with multiple photos within.

Today I’m going to show you how to create an animated gif file (the easy way) using

how to create a gif

1. Go to

how to create a gif

2. Begin uploading your photos. You can load up to 20 photos to create one animated GIF on Gifniinja.

How to create a gif

3. You’ll see a preview of your gif in the top right corner. At this time you can re-arrange the photos if you need too.

how to create a gif

4. Title your gift and in the caption portion I always put our web address.

how to create a gif

5. It will take a minute or so to upload the final gif. You can then share your gif via social sites or embed on your blog.

how to create a gif

6. Click embed and copy the code.

how to create a gif

7. Lastly, if your in WordPress (or blogger) add the embed code to the HTML portion of your page.

Spray Paint a Frame

Once you place the HTML in your blog your animated gif should work! This gif was made for my {Bedroom Accessory} Spray Painted Picture Frame.

Disclaimer: Gifninja has no idea who I am–I just like using their website!


  1. Thank you for this! It’s something I’ve been thinking about Googling for a while. You just did all the work! Now, to choose what to animate…

  2. Ok, I am so excited that you shared this. I kept meaning to ask you how you did that. Thanks, Katie!


  3. Thanks for showing how to make these Katie. I’ve seen these pictures on several blogs recently and wondered how they were done. Looks easy enough that I think even I could figure out how to do this. Thanks again for the great tip!

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