{Decorating Dilemmas} Our Living Room

I had no intentions to redecorate our living room anytime soon. That was until Mr. Woodsy scored all that furniture last month during his morning walk with our dog.

ikea media stand

I fell in love with the entertainment stand and knew that I wanted to redo it. Paint it bold, remove the tacky particle board on the back, give it some sexy new legs… you know. RE-DO IT!

target flower pictures

Plus I loved these pictures… I wanted to use them in our house, and the only place I could think about incorporating them was in our living room. I’ve been tired of our living room for over the past year now.

It is beige, beige, with a touch of beige.

Beige Living RoomI decided to take the flower prints as part inspiration of colors to redo our living room. That’s when I decided I wanted our new color scheme to be navy blue, light blue, white, and green. You might notice in the picture above that their is a green accent wall peeking through the photo… thats where our dining room is.We also have a green area rug under the table and a green runner in the kitchen. We have an open floor plan so its important that whatever I decide to go with it all flows in all three open rooms.

Olio Board Living room revamp

I created an Olioboard and found some inspirations and patterns that I’ve found around the web. Most of these came from either West Elm or Target. I’m loving the blue throw… hope to find an inexpensive one! This gave me a good idea where to start–what I like, etc…

Inspiration Fabric w/ BEHR Paint Chip

I found this piece of outdoor fabric at my favorite local home fabric store. I was looking for a fabric that incorporated the light blue, navy blue, white, and green. Since I haven’t been able to find the perfect table cloth I figured I would make one. Thankfully outdoor fabric is very durable so I don’t’ think I’ll have to worry about multiple washes in the washing machine and the fabric fading. Once I got a sample piece of fabric I then went to Home Depot and began looking for paint swatches.

BEHR Paint 520A

Next up, time to paint some sample paint swatches on our striped living room wall.
BEHR Paint 520A

Painting BEHR’s Lakeside Mist.
BEHR Paint 520A

I decided to paint the same color on both dark and light stripe to see if I saw a difference. In this picture I’m painting BEHR’s Ice Flower. I did paint a swatch on the opposite side of the room to see how I like it with different lighting since this is practically direct lighting. I’m still not feeling the paint color.

fabric inspirations for decorating our living room

Last Friday, on my day off, I scoured JoAnn Fabrics & Hobby Lobby and found both paisley prints that I love and work within my color scheme. Although I’d like to note that the dark blue paisley is the most I’ve ever spent on fabric. Luckily, I had a gift card that I had saved from my birthday in April!

So, what do you think? The fabric is purchased–I just need to find the time to sew pillow covers.

I’m not fond of my paint choices.

My good friend Sarah of While They Snooze, recently found the photo above on Clinerose Design in Bloom featuring rooms that Little Green Notebook had put together. I wish I knew what color code and brand of paint that blue wall is. That’s the blue I want for my living room. The green is close to what I’ll be painting our media stand… so if anyone has suggestions on a shade of blue (preferably BEHR) I’d love some input!


  1. I love do-overs. Your colors choices are great and I really like the green dining room wall. The fabric choices are busy, but two patterns with a solid work, right?

    Just a note on light blue-I painted my small laundry room a shade of blue very similar to your lakeside mist. Of course I don’t have the paint card anymore. Anyway, I have silvery-green machines and a taupe colored tile floor. I will mention the light source because it makes all the difference. It’s an overhead fluorescent-something I will eventually change-out. Nevertheless, it is BRIGHT! lol Prepare yourself lady.

    I can’t wait to see the finished result.

    • Hi Maureen! Thanks for the lovely comments and ideas! The striped will be on the dinning room table, and the dark blue & light green paisley will be on pillows (the backs of the green paisely will have a solid so I can turn it over if its too busy and if I want a quick change! I just need to find the perfect blue!

  2. Love the colors & prints! Can’t wait to see. I’ve been going through the same thing. My living room is brown, brown, brown (BORING). I’m going the opposite direction with colors though (orange, pink). Love those pictures (where did you get them?)

    • Kathie–thanks for stopping by. I agree I’m so tired of neutral colors… I levitate to them when I’m scared to go bold! Since my dining room and kitchen already has the green in them I figured I would stick to the cool color pallet. We found those pictures on the curb although, they are from Target (over a year ago or so). Can’t find them in the stores any more–I only know this because my neighbor looked for these pictures for over a year and was upset when she saw that we found them on the curb!

  3. I love your work and website. I started reading it a few days ago when you guest posted on another blog I read. By trade I am an independent pro color consultant with 35 years in the field and behind a paint counter-mixer. I am an avid make-over-re-doer. My two-cents is this.
    I think you would have a good deal of success looking at the YOLO color swatches. (No affiliation with YOLO just like their paint and colors). http://www.yolocolorhouse.com/color/the-earths-color-collection-inside/

    COLOR OF EARTH PALETTE Look a the WATER .03-.04 and .05 AIR .05-.06 are good too.
    In the color of HOPE palette, try DREAM .02-.03
    SPROUT .01 is very fresh and bright.

    They are wonderful chameleon colors that change all day with the light, feel fresh like sky and water, and yet never feel like a baby nursery. They lend themselves so well to many color palettes both bold and neutral. Great bit of color when you want to use such strong and wonderful bold accents such as your paisley (which I love). Look at BEHR Hibiscus and imagine it in various shades lighter. BEHR Welsh Green or Muir Woods in the faux Glazing color guide direction too. You want something to bridge both green and blue so no one color feels overwhelming. Everyone has a monitor that will show the color differently, so it is difficult to be spot on, but I think the colors you have chosen although fresh, are a bit cool, especially after coming out of a warm beige. I would encourage you to not just paint samples next to each other, but paint a 12″ square of color in a corner (6 inches on each wall) When you look into the center of the spot where the colors meet, you will have the truest idea of how it will look all over. You will see it at its lightest and darkest. Watch the color throughout the day. What time of day will you use the room the most? Evening? Look into that corner paint sample at the time of day you will be in the room. If you love it in the morning, but not the eve, try one color swatch lighter. Might be just the ticket. YOLO also sells HUGE samples of the paint colors they sell so you don’t even have to paint a sample. You just pin up a poster of the color. I don’t have a full BEHR fan deck, but I hope this give you some vantage points to a great direction you are heading down. I would also suggest painting the ceiling a darker or lighter shade of your wall color to unify the space and not feel floaty but anchor it without being another full visual color element in the room. You will ‘feel’ the color on the ceiling more than view it.

    • Thanks for stopping by and lending all your paint expertise insight. Unfortunately, we can’t pain the ceiling because we have a very open floor plan that leads to multiple rooms. I’ll definitely take a look at the paint colors you’ve suggested.

  4. I saw that paisley at the store and was swooning over it! I just did my bathroom in light blue like you picked and I am NOT in love with it. It reads really cold and hospital-like. I wish I liked it more, since it was so much work.

    I do love your prints, and think you are on the right track.. I can’t wait to see what you end up deciding on!

  5. I love the fabrics and those prints are great! Have you tried using chipit (http://letschipit.com/) to find your colors? I haven’t used it myself yet but it seems like a great tool.

  6. I love what used to be called “Ghost Ship” and is now called something else (can’t remember the new name.) It’s Valspar from Lowe’s and the mix # is 4007-3A It’s what we have in our bedroom and I LOVE it. I can send you a photo if you want.

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