Link Parties on Hold

Hi y’all.

Happy 4th. Last week I didn’t publish a link party, and I’m not gonna this week either. I’m really tossed about what I want to do. I learned a lot  at Haven two weeks ago. I learned a lot about SEO. You can read my part 2 recap on SEO. SEO is always so controversial. Ultimately, linking out to 5 million parties really doesn’t help you… yah you might get an extra 5 pageviews for the hours worth of time you just spent linking to the hundreds of parties out their each week, but its killing your SEO score. From what I understand (don’t quote me here) you want as many links out as you get in. This is why so many larger bloggers are starting to require a link back. It’s like patting one another on the shoulder. It’s just good practice.

I found Amanda from Serenity Now’s post on Why Linking Back (the right way) is Important super helpful.

I’m also gonna be real here… I don’t always have the time to look through 100+ linked up projects, and it KILLS ME! I want too and I want to comment but with running 2 blogs and working full time there is just not enough time in the day.

So, this is what I’m going to try out this summer. I’m going to start featuring one blogger every Friday. Introducing my readers to some of my favorite reads (both big and small blogs). I’m gonna take the summer off from link parties. I hope you understand my decision and know that I will most definitely do a Halloween link party (because everyone knows that’s my favorite time of year), and who knows I might decide to bring the link party back on a weekly basis again.

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  1. They were my favorite part of your blog! Sorry to take you off my rss feed and party sidebar. It’s been fun, though!

    • Hi Baye,

      Sorry to read that you will no longer be reading our blog. Hopefully you’ll still swing by every now and then… I didn’t say link parties were 100% done, just that they are on hold for summer. Mr. Woodsy and I try to make the most of our summer time and spend as much time outside of the house as possible enjoying the weather with friends and family.

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