We are heading to the 3M Auto Boot Camp

3M Auto Boot Camp 2012

Late last month, Mr. Woodsy and I were invited to take part in the 3M Auto Boot Camp. Instantly, we both were flattered to be invited and excited to have such an awesome opportunity come our way. This whole blogging thing has been a whirl-wind of exciting opportunities for us. Opportunities we never would have thought in a million years we would have. As we approach our 2nd blogiversary we look back at where we started with one simple goal; to share our home DIY projects with our family and friends. Never in a million years did we think we would be touring the 3M Global Headquarters in St. Paul, Minnesota!

Here are a few things we are expecting to learn (and do) during our 3 day hands-on trip to Minnesota:

  • How to be your own weekend mechanic
  • Simple steps to makeover your car (paint restoration, scratch removal, and headlight restoration)
  • Top 20 items every savvy car owner should keep on hand
  • 10 ways the Bondo® brand can take your DIY project to the next level (body repair)
  • How to transform your car for $300 or less
  • Easy ways to protect your car
  • Customize your ride

We can’t wait to teach you all about DIY car projects and of course we invite you to follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram (@KatieJasiewicz and @MrSewWoodsy) where we will be updating live at the event.


  1. Exciting! Cannot wait to see the DIYs you learn 🙂

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