Master Bedroom Reveal & Video Tour

I’m excited to finally give a complete tour of our recently completed Master Bedroom Revamp Project! It has been a long time coming. I’m so glad it is finally complete–partly because I’m ready to start on another project! I recorded a video yesterday giving our readers the grand tour–and if you watch until the end I promise you’ll learn about an exciting giveaway coming in the next few days!

First up, our Upholstered Tufted Bench.

upholstered tufted bench

It all started with my philisophical question I asked readers almost 9  months ago… To Tuft Or Not To Tuft… that is the question! After that post and hearing valuable feedback from our readers we decided to tuft! We broke up our bench tutorial in two parts: Part 1 and Part 2. I also created a video tutorial on how to cover tufting buttons! We spent less than $50 on bench.

Next up, our Upholstered Tufted Headboard.

Creating a tufted headboard had been a dream of mine from the beginning. Mr. Woodsy wasn’t all that convinced about tufting. Then he spoke with a very knowledgeable women at the fabric store and he was ready to conquer it! I’m so glad he tufted our headboard! You can read about the process in our 2-part tutorial: part 1 and part 2. After adding up all the supplies in our head we think we spent a little under $200 to create this custom headboard. p.s. foam is expensive, like really really expensive! We spent $75 on all the 2″ thick foam and that was with a 50% off coupon.

After our headboard and bench was complete we kind of sat on projects for a few months. We were busy traveling and well stuck between a rock and a hard place on how we wanted to tackle our dressers.

How To Remove Baseboards

How To Remove Baseboards

Mr. Woodsy shows you how to easily remove baseboards in case you want to salvage them for future projects!

Our BEHR Paint Story

The fabulous people at BEHR paint provided us with all of the paint for our Master Bedroom Revamp Project. We decided to paint all the walls BEHR 780F-S Anonymous and our back wall where our bed sits again BEHR 520E-3 Velvet Morning.

Tall Baseboards & Crown Molding {Tips & Tricks}

Baseboard tips and tricks

I knew I wanted crown moulding in our bedroom and Mr. Woodsy was set on tall baseboards. So we got the best of both worlds. But when you get the best of both worlds its costly… those gorgeous tall baseboards cost more than the crown moulding!

 Refinished Dressers

refinished dresser

These dressers took us much longer than ever anticipated, and now after refinishing a pair of dressers we now know that it shouldn’t take this long!  We scored both dressers on Craigslist for $240. They were originally listed for $300 and I was able to talk the guy down to $240–I was aiming for $200! You can take a look at our 3-part tutorial: Part 1 Sanding & Prepping the Dresser, Part 2 More Dresser Prep, and Part 3 Painting, Staining, and Waxing the Dressers + Reveal.

{Modifying} Classic Wood Center Mount Drawer Slides

modifying drawer slides

In this tutorial Mr. Woodsy teaches you how to modify classic wood center drawer mounts. These drawer slides added an additional $150 to the cost of our dressers but well worth it.

Antique Nightstand Revamp

Antique Night Stand

I looked for over a year for my ideal night stand and just as I was about to contact an antique broker to start looking for me this pair of nightstands appeared on Craigslist for $100. I talked the man down to $70 and added the gorgeous vintage style glass cabinet drawer knobs for $20. We had paint on hand so these night stands were less than $100 from start to finish (well, with a little sweat equity added in).

{Bedroom Accessory} Spray Painted Picture Frame

spray painted picture frame

I bought this picture frame from Ross for $4.99. I loved the shape and style but hated the color. With a little spray paint my frame was instantly transformed!

Then… the beauty of it all–the DIY Trumeau Mirror

DIY Trumeau Mirror

This mirror turned out even better than I ever could have imagined! The best part–the hidden storage behind the mirror for my necklaces! We used PureBond Hardwood Plywood for the base and an IKEA Stave mirror. All together we spent less than $100 on this mirror.

 Sunburst Pillow Covers

Sunburst Pillow Covers

I wanted to make pillow covers for the large 30 x 30 pillow forms I purchased for our bed. Since the fabric I bought didn’t work out to be made into curtains–I knew that I would be making my pillow covers out of that same linen fabric. I’m in love with how these pillows turned out. The pillow forms were $25 each and I spend roughly $25 on over 100 feet of fabric. So we will just say I spent $60 on these pillows!

Last but not least… our Wood Vinyl Sign

wood vinyl sign

I love our wood vinyl sign. We had all the supplies on hand so technically we didn’t spend any money on this project–my favorite types of projects!

Upholstered Tufted Bench $50
Upholstered Tufted Headboard $175
How To Remove Baseboards Free
Our BEHR Paint Story Paint provided by BEHR
Tall Baseboards & Crown Molding {Tips & Tricks} $250
Refinished Dressers $260
{Modifying} Classic Wood Center Mount Drawer Slides $150 (added into the dresser cost)
Antique Nightstand Revamp $100
DIY Trumeau Mirror $90
{Bedroom Accessory} Spray Painted Picture Frame $8
Sunburst Pillow Covers $60
Wood Vinyl Sign free!
Yellow Chenille Rug from Home Decorators *8×11 $225
Lanterns from HomeGoods $60
Decorative items from Homegoods $30
Decorative items from Hobby Lobby $40
Flickering Flameless Battery Operated Candles from Costco $40
Fan from Lowes $200
Discontinued Comforter set by Michaels Khors from Macy’s $250

Grand Total: $1,733 

We definitely went over our budget of $1,000. I’m glad we were able to stay under $2,000, and to be honest I love how our bedroom turned out so every penny spent was well worth it! Have you revamped a room lately? Are you hoping to tackle your Master Bedroom? I’d love to hear about your plans!

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  1. the room seriously looks amazing! And, it is truly amazing how hand-made, but expensive everything looks! You guys did an awesome job!!! LOVE the video too! Too cute… especially Lola!

  2. Picture perfect! I love the colors and that headboard and, well, when I move will you come fix up my master…I have never had a pretty master bedroom!

  3. Wow Katie this is amazing! I am blown away! Gorgeous!

  4. SO many great DIY upgrades! Love it all. Especially that sign .. just perfect!

  5. I love the master bedroom, you guys did a great job. I did not see the bedspread listed. I love the colors and pattern. Would you mind sharing where you purchased it at and cost?

    • Hi Maria, I didn’t realize I left that out (most important in my mind)! We purchased the comforter at Macy’s. It was highly discounted since it was a discontinued Michaels Khors set. 🙁 (and we purchashed it back in 2010)!

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