Washi Tape Notebook

Back in the spring, I had the opportunity to guest post over at Skip to My Lou during Teacher Appreciation month. I shared how to make this easy washi tape notebook. This idea can be translated for your favorite teacher or student! Depending on your child’s age–they might even be able to complete this DIY project themselves.


  • Notebook
  • 4 varieties of washi tape
  • scissors

1. Start for the right top corner and carefully begin placing your washi tape across the front of the notebook wrapping the tap all the way around to the back of the notebook.

2. Repeat step 1. You’ll notice in the corner photo that the tape ended up on the end of the spine. That’s perfectly ok. Just cut it a few inches out and wrap it in the inside of the notebook.

3. Keep creating diagonal lines with the washi tape until you are happy with how it looks.

4. I then added a solid piece of teal washi tape to the spine to give it a little more character and hide the writing that was on the spine. I tucked the tape inside the spine.

The notebook is done and is ready to go to school with your child or as a gift to your child’s teacher!

I created washi tape pencils that match the notebook.


Don’t forget to enter to win 10 rolls of washi tape from Downtown Tape! Giveaway is going on until 8/24/2012!



  1. I love this! I’m a teacher and this would be perfect for note taking at meetings or for documenting parent contacts. I need to get some washi tape!

  2. Where did you buy the washi tape? At downtown tape? Love this idea for a notebook, it’s so adorable, if only i could get my hands on some of that adorable tape.(:

    • Hi Claire, yes you can buy washi tape online at DowntownTape.com. I’ve also seen it at Target (not labeled washi tape–labeled paper tape) and also Michaels is starting to have it in the scrapbook section.

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