{Card Making} Congrats!

congrats card

I love making cards. No surprise here. I rarely ever have enough time in my day to sit down and whip out cards. Ideally I would love to have a stock pile of premade cards instead of having to throw together a card on a whim right before someones birthday or event. A few weekends ago we had a rainy Saturday and as Mr. Woodsy lounged on the couch I went to town making cards. I’ve never had the time to make a handmade card for a giveaway winner and since I had to mail out their prize I wanted to enclose a sweet handmade card. So that is exactly what I did–oh and it helped that I found this cute “congrats” stamp in the dollar bin at Michaels!

congrats card


(1) 5.5 in x 4.25in card, red

DCWV Summer Dreams

Blue Cardstock

Recycled Cardstock


Congrats Stamp

Xyron 5 inch create-a-sticker

Xyron 2.5 inch create-a-sticker

Fiskars Paper Trimmer

Purple Cows 9 Blade Trim It

Sewing Machine

Red Thread

3-D adhesive foam dots

congrats card

On a piece of recycled cardstock I stamped “congrats”. Let it dry completely before you do anything with this — mine took about 5 minutes.

congrats card

I then cut the recycled card stock down to the size I wanted it and placed it on top of blue card stock. I sewed a straight single stitch around the recycled card stock using red thread.

congrats card

Next up, time to trim the blue card stock to size.

congrats card

I cut a piece of the DCWV Summer Dreams cardstock to fit the size of the card. I then ran it through Xyron 5 inch create-a-sticker.

congrats card

Next up, I placed a coordinating sheet of the DCWV Summer Dreams using the Purple Cows 9 Blade Trim It.

congrats card

Run the piece of cardstock through the Xyron 2.5 inch create-a-sticker.

congrats card

Place the green dotted paper in the center of the card. Then place 3-D adhesive foam dots on the dark blue cardstock.

congrats card

Place the navy blue cut out on top of the card.

congrats card

This card is perfect for any celebratory occasion!

congrats card

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  1. Hi Katie! OK that is officially the cutest card EVAH! Girl how do you find time to do so many crafts in some many crafting genres?!?
    Thanks so much for your comment on my chalkboard placecards. To answer your question about the chalk pen– Michael’s still carries the white version in their bridal section. They stopped stocking all the cool colors a while ago and I am not sure why (bummer!).

    Hope you have a blessed weekend! Malia

    • Hi Malia–thanks for the kind comments. I take one Saturday a month where I spend a good part of my morning churning out cards for friends and families! My Michael’s didn’t have it although I did not check the bridal section. I did find individual and multi-pack colors at JoAnn’s so I stocked up!

  2. That is one cute card. I too love to make cards. Some people think it is too time consuming which it can be but to me it is relaxing and it gets my creative juices flowing. 🙂

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