{Guest Post} 11 Halloween Projects from Polish The Stars

Today, we have a girl after my own heart. A fellow friend obsessed with Halloween! I’m excited to introduce you to Megan from Polish The Stars! Her and her husband are super obsessed with Halloween (just like we are)!
Hello, Sew Woodsy readers! My name is Megan and you can usually find me over at Polish The Stars. My husband and I are obsessed with Halloween and every October we do our very best to transform our little house into a haunted mansion. I have so many creepy projects that I couldn’t pick just one to share with you today so Katie said it would be okay to do a project roundup of several of my most popular creations from previous years. Just click the photo or the link to find the full tutorial!

We are huge NCIS fans so a couple of years ago I put together an Abby Sciuto costume (complete with Caf-Pow!) and my husband dressed up as Leroy Jethro Gibbs with a wardrobe change in the middle of the night to an “off-duty Gibbs” version. We even made our party NCIS themed – complete with Toe Tag Invites signed by Dr. Mallard, NCIS Visitor Badges, and a Crime Scene.
Last year I decided to beef up our witch’s brewing area and went with an Evil Queen from Snow White theme. Start with a Spell Book so you know what supplies you will need to execute your evil plans…


…some Aged Potion Bottle Labels because you don’t want to accidentally throw some Elixir of Hemlock into your potion when you meant to grab Old Hag Cackle Extract….


…a Bubbling Cauldron to mix everything up in….


…and if you did everything just right, you will be ready to trick Snow White into eating one of your Poisoned Apples!

Of course it can get pretty lonely when you are in working in your dungeon all by yourself so you might want to put together a little Embroidery Hoop Birdcage to hold some crows that can keep you company.
We also started working on our Mad Scientist’s Room last year. I have big plans for some new additions this year but we are already off to a pretty good start with DIY X-Ray View Boxes


…a Creepy Light Box that any mad scientist would be happy to have illuminating their laboratory…


…and a few Anatomy Prints on Aged Canvas to know exactly what body parts you are working with.


Halloween can be a pretty dangerous night so you might want to display a bottle of Edward Cullen’s Ashes to ward off the dreaded sparkle-pires….

…but if that doesn’t scare them off you should be prepared for a fight with Van Helsing’s Vampire Killing Kit.


That’s all I have to share today. Thanks so much for visiting with me! If this wasn’t enough inspiration for you, there are even more spooky projects over on my Halloween Page. If you don’t have the time to make your own creepy decor, you can find several of these props for sale in my Etsy Shop. You may also want to follow us so that you won’t miss any of the wicked creations we have prepared for you this month.
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