{Guest Post} Plush Pumpkins from Days of Chalk and Chocolate

Today we have Jenny from Days of Chalk and Chocolate! Last year she shared some pretty cool “glam” style Halloween projects. I knew when I was inviting bloggers to share Halloween projects with our readers that everyone would love to see what Jenny came up with!
Hi everyone!  My name is Jenny and I can be found over at Days of Chalk and Chocolate. It’s my little slice of the blog world where I share my thoughts and ideas on motherhood, decor, DIY, and the craziness that comes with it all!  I’m tickled to be here at Sew Woodsy today!  Thank you, Katie and Jon, for having me!
I’m going to share with you my take on the velvet or plush pumpkin!
I adore Halloween and last year I glammed it up a bit by creating my Halloween Glam wreath shown below. I decided to stick with the glam theme and use up some black velvet I had laying around by whipping up some black velvet pumpkins.  It’s so easy!
 Step 1:  Cut a circle out of your fabric.   I didn’t worry if it was a neat circle.
Step 2:  Thread and knot a needle. Flipping it so the wrong side of the circle is up, begin stitching around the outside edge of the circle.  Cinch the circle as you go by pulling the thread taut.
It will naturally curl into a pumpkin shape.
Step 3:  Sew about 3/4 of the way around.  It’s easier to stuff if you don’t sew it all the way. If you want to weigh down your pumpkin add some dry beans or rice to the bottom.  Begin stuffing your pumpkin.
Step 4:  Finish sewing and knot your thread. If you want to make the vertical ridges found on pumpkins do not cut your thread.


To make the vertical ridges, push the needle from the top of the pumpkin, through the stuffing, to the bottom of the pumpkin and through.
Pull the needle back to the top, and do the same thing every few inches. This will add some definition to your pumpkin, although to be honest, I found it didn’t do much to the velvet pillows but worked great on cotton fabric.
Step 5:  Add some sticks to the top for stems if you don’t have real stems available which I don’t because I don’t live on a pumpkin farm. HA!  I just stuck them in the holes with a bit of hot glue.  Embellish them with some pretty scrap fabric or ribbons if you wish.


I hope you enjoy making some fabric/velvet pumpkins this fall! I’d love to see them if you do so shoot over to Days of Chalk and Chocolate and let me know!


Thanks again to Katie and Jon for giving me the opportunity to guest blog!  And I hope you all have a happy fall and a spooky Halloween!





  1. These pumpkins are wonderful. I’m not someone that’s confident when it comes to sewing, but I think I can handle this project. Thank you!

  2. I love these pumpkins! I JUST learned how to sew (by hand) and although I’m still a newbie I am excited to try out some fairly simple projects. I can’t wait to make some of these pumpkins for next year. Or maybe this year for Thanksgiving. who knows?! 🙂

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