{Guest Post} Spooky Crow Tree from Crazy Wonderful

Today  we have Shelley from Crazy Wonderful showing our fabulous Sew Woodsy readers how to create a spooky crow tree (something I’ve desperately wanted to make for a while now)!
Hey guys!  I hope you’re enjoying all of the Halloween goodness going on over here!  My name is Shelley, and I blog over at Crazy Wonderful.
There you will find me DIYing my way through our house and giving you lots of tutorials along the way.
Halloween is one of my favs.  I don’t know if it’s the cooler temps after the scorching summer or the fun of getting dressed up and throwing parties.  Whatever it is, I love it.  So… needless to say I was ubber stoked when Jon and Katie asked me to be one of their Halloween guest bloggers.
Ok, no more talkie, here we go!

What You’ll Need:

  • fallen limbs
  • birds (small birds found at $1 store, large birds at Michaels)
  • spanish moss (large bag was $5.00 at Hobby Lobby)
  • styrofoam or oasis
  • pot or other container
  • small rocks
STEP ONE:  Place styrofoam into the bottom of your pot, and push your limbs into the styrofoam.
STEP TWO:  Pour rocks down the sides of your styrofoam and over the top for stability.

STEP THREE:  Cover rocks and branches with moss.  I wrap some of the branches with the moss and just let it hang off others.  I also let some of the moss fall over the sides of the planter.  I do recommend doing this part outside since little pieces of moss get EVERYWHERE.

STEP FOUR:  Attach the crows to the branches.  They usually have little wires coming out of their feet which make it easy to wrap them around the branches so they stay put.




My little girl gets such a kick out of these fake crows.  She was caring for them (petting them, giving them food, etc) when I was putting the moss on the branches :DYou can even do it on a smaller scale for the top of a table like I did with last year’s decorations.

Super easy and low cost. My favorite part is that you don’t have to worry about storing it. Toss out the limbs, you’ll find plenty next year!
Thanks so much for having me!


  1. Thanks so much for having me over to guest post guys!!

  2. GAH!!! This is so adorable and easy enough for me to copy it! Love, love, love. Especially diggin’ that it’s a large scale decoration, I need more of those!

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