Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Sorry we’ve been absent here the past week. We’ve been working our bums off constructing our costumes for our good friend Christy’s annual Halloween party. If you follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram you might have seen what we were and all the hard work that went into these costumes. We are excited to share our costumes with our readers.

DIY Lego Costumes

These costumes were a labor of love. We spent a whopping 40 hours on these bad boys. All made of styrofoam, cardboard, poster board, and quite a bit of paint! We even won 2 awards at Christy’s party: Best Couple and Funniest. Take a look at the amazing awards Christy made. This picture was taken during the end of the night when we didn’t have our legs attached any more!

DIY Lego Costume

Here is a better more comprehensive photo of me: shaking my hula skirt and moracas. No, those are not chicken drum sticks in my hand! lol.

DIY Lego Costume

Next up, we have Mr. Woodsy as “mean face” lego. He just loved the face on this one and loved the fact that he made himself a styrofoam crowbar!

Of course this is just a sneak peek of our costumes. Next year, we will have a comprehensive tutorial on how to make these enormous lego people! While researching to make these costumes we found that their were no comprehensive tutorials on the web and felt the need to fill that void!

We hope everyone has a very happy and safe Halloween!

Disclaimer: All photos taken by Christy Buonomo Photography Copyright 2012. All rights reserved.


  1. Those are fabulous costumes!

  2. These are so full of awesome I can’t even stand it! My Lego maniac is currently leaning over my shoulder in complete awe of these costumes! So stinkin’ cool….so glad you won…I would have demanded a recount if you didn’t 🙂


    • Thanks Amy! Mr. Woodsy had fun standing outside of our driveway last night and scaring all the kids. He would stand still and they would go up to him and then he would start to move! lol. We both loved legos as a kid and wanted something uber creative to be this Halloween!

  3. UM this is the greatest set of costumers EVER! My 10 year old son is going to flip out when I show him your tute later!

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