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InStyle AND People Style Watch magazines

Ok, I’ll be the first to admit. One of my (many) guilty pleasures is keeping up with the celebs. Whether its where they are traveling too or simply what they are wearing. I have this crazy fascination with them! I’m not crazy to the point where I have to eat, breathe, sleep them or go out and spend thousands of dollars on one single dress that I’ll only wear once! But I do like to see what they are wearing and if I can find something that is similar (for a fraction of the cost) I’ll buy it!

When I found out that you’d automatically receive a $5 Target Gift Card when you buy both InStyle AND People Style Watch magazines from TARGET during the week of 11/25-12/7 I knew I couldn’t resist the offer (and of course catch up on my celebrities! I rushed out on my lunch break yesterday to pick up both copies.


First off, no one needs to pull my arm to get me to go to TARGET at lunch! I love to escape the office for a little “me” time and do a little retail therapy.

InStyle and People Style Watch Magazines

At my TARGET, it wasn’t broadcasted to the world that the $5 Target Gift Card was being offered when you purchase both InStyle AND People Style Watch magazines. When I brought them up to the register I asked the cashier if the offer was valid and she smiled and said “yes”!

InStyle AND People Style Watch magazines

She scanned both magazines and then a little gift card image appeared on her screen! She scanned a gift card and that was that! Easy as pie! *Oh and a big thanks goes out to the cashier who let me take a photo of her screen. I’m sure this was probably the first time she had anyone ask to take a photo of her screen (she was a trooper)! That is what Mr. Woodsy would call a “life of a blogger” moment. 

InStyle AND People Style Watch magazines

I was super excited to have both InStyle and People Style Watch Magazines in my possession and even better a Target Gift Card to spend during my next visit!

InStyle and People Style Watch Magazines

Every now and then I get a little free time to myself where I’ll sit down for a hot minute and read magazines or an occasional book! I made sure I made a little “me” time last night. I cuddled up in my favorite blanket (next to our gorgeous Christmas tree), and began reading. Mr. Woodsy snapped a candid of me while I was enjoying the magazines.

InStyle and People Style Watch Magazines

One of the articles that caught my eye in People Style Watch was the 6 Trends of 2012. You guessed it… statement nails made the list. I mean lets face it. I think everyone on Pinterest has a board dedicated to nail art!

InStyle and People Style Watch Magazines

I’m also shopping right now for cold weather gear since I leave for a food blog conference later this week in Virginia. This Florida girl doesn’t want to freeze and I’ll admit I have a slight obsession with cold weather outerware. I think I own more jackets, scarves, hats, and gloves then any northerner out there!

InStyle and People Style Watch

Like I first admitted at the beginning of the post. I love to find inexpensive look alike clothing that the celebs ware. I’m digging the red dress that Princess Kate is wearing and those nude high heels are killer. I drool over shoes but my tiny bear claws (dubbed by Mr. Woodsy) can never seem to fit in any of them! So I dream that I could 1. fit my extra wide small feet into them 2. actually walk in them without my knees and ankles giving out on me!

What is your guilty pleasure? Is it reading fashion magazines and keeping track of celebrities like mine? 

Remember, Purchase both InStyle and People Style Watch Magazines from TARGET during the week of 11/25/12-12/7/12 and receive a $5 Target gift card.

Disclaimer: This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™, but all my opinions are my own

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