Stripes be gone…

Stripes be gone... #painting #DIY #BEHRpaint

Last summer I got this hair brain idea… let’s paint the living room… and let’s do a little mini-makeover. It won’t take long at all. I promise. As I attempted to convince Mr. Woodsy into this idea. So I some how convinced him and I was off to the store to pick up paint samples. We blogged about our living room decorating dilemmas last summer. So after painting a few samples I was not happy. That’s when my neighbor convinced me to go with a dark green. Without ANY consultation from Mr. Woodsy I stormed off to The Home Depot and picked up another can of paint. The same color that matched our dining room.

If you have been following along on our DIY journey since the  beginning you’ll remember that we painted stripes on our living room wall. Since we have an open concept this meant we only needed to paint 2 walls. So bye-bye stripes it was. Mr. Woodsy was shocked that I made a decision without consulting him but I was all for the big change. I was tired of the stripes and at times I felt like I was part of a circus. We no longer could have our living room light and fan on at the same time because then the circus effect really took place!

So we did it… we took the plunge. Went with a rich and dark color and painted our two living room walls.

We used BEHR Ultra Grape Vine 410F-6


First, we started taping up the baseboards and any where that we didn’t want to get paint on.

Edge-Lock Painters Tape

We love using 3M Edge-Lock™ Paint Line Protector!

patching holes in the wall

Next up, it was time to patch the holes in the wall from the shelves that were once hung above the television.

DAP painter's putty

We like to use DAP Painter’s Putty!

DAP Painters Putty

And since we decided to do this on a whim and Mr. Woodsy wanted to paint… STAT. He grabbed my hair blow dryer and began trying to dry the patched holes a little quicker.

painting and edging

Then, the real fun began… time to paint.

edging paint

And after more edging…

edging paint lines

So little by little… all the edging was almost complete.


Since our dining room was already painted this color it felt natural to paint the entry way wall to our bedroom green as well. Letting it flow evenly.


And there we have it… the stripes were finally leaving us…


On to the second wall… very few stripes still alive.

painting with behr paint

And at this point I wasn’t sure if I was excited or going to cry.

edge-lock tape being removed

As soon as Mr. Woodsy finished painting he removed the Edge-Lock tape.

The next day, Mr. Woodsy wasn’t happy with the patched holes. So he sanded them down some more and re-painted that area.

And that’s all we are showing you for today. Because over the course of the next week we will show you what we did with that entertainment stand we found on the side of the road, a lamp make-over, and some beautiful new pillow covers that gave our little living room some fresh new touches.



  1. So, what was the final verdict – are you excited or crying? Paint does the same thing to me 🙂

    • Mrs. Woodsy aka Katie says:

      Shelley, I think I’m happy with it. But keep in mind we painted the room last summer… so I’m already starting to feel like I’m ready to change it up again! lol.

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