5 years and counting…

wedding collage via SewWoodsy.com
Last year, I shared it was our anniversary on Sew Woodsy. We were at Haven and I wanted to start sharing more about us. Young House Love inspired us to start sharing more. The above collage was made by a co-worker of mine a few weeks after we got married. We ended up making this into a post card and writing our thank you notes on the back. It was cheaper in postage and people got to see a wide variety of photographs from our special day!

I felt that it was only fitting to share photos from our past wedding anniversaries together. I can’t imagine my life without Jon as I’m pretty sure he feels the same way, too. 

2009–Our first anniversary as husband and wife. We spent a long weekend on the east coast of Florida since we were in the process of buying our home and needed to save money. We didn’t go on any fancy trips that year since all of our money went into our home. We were both ok with that. We were both super excited to have the opportunity to even buy a house!

2010— a few week’s before our 2nd anniversary we took a exotic western Caribbean cruise. We typically don’t exchange gifts and instead go on vacations! We always exchange homemade cards, though.

2011 — I wasn’t able to find any photos of us on our anniversary  (which is very odd), so I decided to grab this photo taken of us 2 months prior while spending a long weekend on the west coast of Florida. I love everything about this photo (plus my hair looks pretty darn good). We always have the best adventures together. That night we stayed out super late (which isn’t like us) and stayed close by where we could walk to everything!

2012 — we spent our anniversary last year at Haven. Nothing says I love you than a DIY conference with 250+ women! That evening while everyone enjoyed the cocktail reception hosted by Rust-Oleum we snuck away and had a fancy dinner at  Ray’s on the River!

anniversary flowersanniversary flowers

This year, we are heading out to a nice dinner tonight, and then next weekend leave for an 8-day Southern Caribbean Cruise to celebrate our 5 years together (altogether 11 years). This morning we both woke up to a very sick pup at the ripe hour of 4am. We tended to her and after we finally were able to get back in bed around 5am I turned to Jon and said “happy anniversary”. When I walked out of our bedroom this morning beautiful gerbera daisies sat on the table with a handmade card (we haven’t’ opened our cards yet). The photo above is the picture Jon posted on Instagram this morning.

We’d love to read how you spend your anniversaries with your significant other. Is it simple like us or do you follow the whole gift giving rules of paper, and lace, and all that jazz?


  1. Happy anniversary, Katie and Jon! Mark and I are just one year behind you guys…celebrating four years of marriage this July 18th. That photo collage of you guys is awesome; what a great idea to use it for your thank you cards. Seeing this post makes me wish I had photos from every anniversary. The photos I have of our anniversary last year were of us on the last leg of our road trip from Ohio to Florida…we moved into our home here in Orlando the very next day. (Wow, makes me realize how much has happened in one year.) Anyway, less about me…more about you guys! Have a great one!

    • Awe thanks Lauren. I insisted that we take a photo yesterday on our anniversary. We reminisced on all that has happened in the past 5 years and its a little unreal. We weren’t even blogging 5 years ago! Oh, how much has changed!

  2. You two are SO cute! Happy anniversary! 🙂

  3. Happy anniversary! You two are so cute! I love that picture you you guys as well. Your hair does look awesome! The cruise sounds amazing. I’m sure you will have a lot of fun. My husband and I do the same sort of thing where we skip gifts to each other and decide on something to spend our money on together (like a trip). We will be celebrating 5 years in a few months, and we are 10 all together 🙂 Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  4. Hi sweet Katie! Congratulations to you & Jon on your anniversary! Well, Alex and I are going to celebrate 14 years of marriege on December. We love taking trips too. Although, with the girls and our anniversary being around Christmas time it’s kinda tricky to go away. This year we are looking forward going to my hometown in Boston and going to NY as well (with the girls too). Have lots of fun and many more years together. You guys are so cute. Many blessings! Hugs!!!

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