90th Birthday and a Tribute!

90th Birthday and a Tribute!

Today marks a very special day for our family. My great aunt Millie turned 90 years old today! She’s the eldest and only surviving sibling from my mom’s mother’s side. Her mom, my great grandmother, lived to be 104 years old. I can only imagine Aunt Millie living to be that old!

90th Birthday and a Tribute!

I created a very “blinged” out crazy birthday card for the wildest and wackiest lady I know… my great Aunt Millie. I used my Cricut die cutting machine and created the “birthday card” and then used the I used the “Rock Princess” font to the “90”! Of course she loved it and all the gems! Today we are going to share more of a personal side to us… we want to talk about Aunt Millie. 

90th Birthday and a Tribute!

Jon and I took a day trip up to North Florida to go visit her. Two years ago she sold her house on a whim (it sold in less than one month) and she moved into a retirement community. This place is like a resort for the elderly! She wanted to choose the place she was going to move into before it was too late and people who ultimately choose where she was going to live. She wanted it on her terms. The woman is pretty darn sharp for 90 years old. She still drives (lord help us), gets her hair and nails done weekly, and as you can tell loves to where lots of jewelry! She also plays rumikub and bingo weekly with her group of friends.

90th Birthday and a Tribute!

We told her we would take her any where she wanted to eat for her birthday, and she picked a southern delicacy… Cracker Barrel! Aunt Millie adores Jon… like gushes over him and introduces him to every lady at her retirement home!  While at lunch she challenged Jon to a few games before our lunch arrived. Jon is always so impressed on her ability to beat him–and he really does try! Her mind is still “very much with it” as she often says (her body not so much (another Aunt Millie quote)). We also finally got to share with her some of our photos from Europe and she finally got to watch my cooking segments!

We asked her about what she liked to do when she was younger. She was shy and not-so confident about herself (now she is exact opposite speaks her mind and uber confident), she liked to go to the movies, roller skate, and sun bathe! She said she was super tan (which is hard for me to believe now-a-days). Sadly, she didn’t get along well with her siblings. My grandmother (her sister) wasn’t fond of her and they were never really on speaking terms in their adult years. It took a lot for my mom to move past that and accept her for who she is now, and in return introducing us to Aunt Millie.

90th Birthday and a Tribute!

I’m so glad that my mom was able to overcome the adversities and make mends with her. Life is to short to hold grudges. She is the closest person we have to call “grandma” (the last of my grandparents died when I was 4 and Jon’s last grandparents died 5 years ago–she was the same age as Aunt Millie). Oh, and lets get this straight, I would never actually call Aunt Millie “grandma” because I know my grandmother would be rolling in her grave. But its nice to have an elder still around in our family.

90th Birthday and a Tribute!

Today, her friends and a few family members spent the afternoon with her celebrating her 90th birthday! She was so cute–yesterday she shared with me what outfit she was planning to wear to her birthday party and all! She knew she was having a party but didn’t know all the details. Her daughters organized for everyone to send a card to a friend of hers. The hopes was to have 90 cards to give to her on her birthday! She was so shocked and ultimately had 99 cards to open! I spoke to her tonight and asked her about her day and I could tell in her voice that she was beaming with excitement. The love and joy that filled her heart–made her full and I think it might just have added a few more years on to her life! She heard from people she hasn’t spoken too in over 30 years!

I couldn’t end this post without telling you about a few fun facts about what was going on in 1923 (the year Aunt Millie was born).

  • Time Magazine is launched on March 3rd
  • Women’s One Piece swimming suits begin to be worn.
  • First baseball game played at Yankee Stadium.
  • The worlds first portable radio is developed in the US.
  • The worlds first domestic refrigerator is sold in Sweden.

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  1. Love the card but aunt Millie– what a treasure. That is so awesome that you got to go spend the day with her. You two are so dang cute I want to pinch your cheeks.

    • Awe thanks Sandra! I know, Aunt Millie is quite the family gem! Everyone treasures her and of course she is quite the social butterfly! We can’t wait to see you next month!

      • Thank-you for sharing Aunt Millie’s birthday. I don’t know her but she blessed me seeing how active and cute she is. I would have never guessed she’s in her nineties. I pray she continues to be able to get around and enjoy her life to the fullest.

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