How we broke our upholstered tufted headboard…

How we broke our upholstered tufted headboard... via

We are getting extra personal this week on Sew Woodsy. When I first told my friend Sarah from While They Snooze via text message her response was “what the heck is going on in your bedroom”? noooo… not like that.

This is the story of how we broke our upholstered tufted headboard…

Monday night we decided to remove our upholstered tufted headboard from the wall. You see, we are having some major issues with tics. Our sweet little dog Lola has them. I think it all started back in November when Jon decided to go hunting and failed to leave his clothes in the garage (but he thinks otherwise). It’s not super bad–but bad enough for us to call a pest company in to help us get rid of them. We are clean people. For the most part, we keep our home very clean. But being clean has nothing to do with having ticks. You could have the cleanest house in the world and if one or two ticks get in your home… your doomed! So we’ve been undergoing treatments for the past month and a half and keep seeing 10 or so every weekish… and our pest control company keeps coming. One of the things they told us was to look behind everything. So that is why we finally decided to remove our headboard.

How we broke our upholstered tufted headboard... via

We’ve seen a few ticks near/on our bed so we figured we better look at the back. Low and behold we found just one. Thankfully no more than that because if we had crazy tick larva I think I might have passed out. By the way, the whole tick thing freaks me out. And partly embarrasses me because people automatically think you’re not clean. Which I know is far from the truth.

Back to our broken headboard…

We removed the headboard. Found one, inspected like crazy, and then it was time to hang it back on the wall. Let’s just say…

  1. This headboard ways a million pounds (ok maybe not a million but you get the point its heavy)
  2. Our headboard has wall hooks… so hanging it is extremely difficult.

As we both struggled to get the hooks to line up with the screws/anchors we started laughing. And then Jon went on a rant about how he wanted to do a “European Cleat” mount to this.

This is how the conversation went:

Katie: “huh? this is the first I’ve ever heard you speak of this style of mounting”

Jon: “I just learned about it recently–leave me alone I want to do a European cleat”

We both proceeded to laugh hysterically. Then Jon got one of the hooks on to the screw. We swapped sides so he could try to get the other side to hook. We laughed some more and I kept making fun of his European Cleat. Then BAM! The headboard came crashing down on my side.

a. I thought I broke my thumb followed by both hands from holding the thing up and then it falling

b. don’t ever make a headboard as heavy as ours!

That is when we were dieing laughing and I just ran out of the room and captured a few photos in manual with no speedlight. I realize they aren’t the best photos but I wanted to capture the moment. And after we both could finally stop laughing we both agreed we had to share this story with our readers. We don’t share enough stories and its something we are trying to do more of!

How we broke our upholstered tufted headboard... You know your a blogger when you both start talking about how to name and write a blog post of this nature.

I know what you might be thinking. You didn’t break your headboard… you are correct. We did not break it. However, with a hole the size of a dime we now have to do something about mounting this bad boy to the wall! And while we are at it I told Jon this was the perfect time to repaint our back wall. I’m tired of the blue and want the entire room painted gray. He was not happy to hear that. Needless to say, I see a nice little second master bedroom revamp in the works!

So, have you ever had a similar event like this happen in your life? We’d love to read about it–tell us in the comments below!


  1. I love that you two were laughing so much… because had that happened in my house this is how it would have gone, crash booom fall down goes the headboard, Me: “GAHHH BILLY WHY DID YOU LET IT FALL THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Ugh now I have to go drink some wine and find out to fix this on Pinterest. You sit here and think about what you did wrong”

  2. Bahahaha oh man! Sometimes the funniest phrases just catch you and you can’t help but think they’re funny!

    As for hanging your headboard – we built one a bit ago that’s equally as heavy and were worried about it tearing out of the wall. Not sure what it;s called, but we zipped a 2×4 at a 45 degree angle lenghtwise to hang it.

    Check it here:

    We also then screwed it into i think 5 different studs, so it’s not going ANYWHERE. ….though we’ll have some hefty spackling to do when we move!

    • Hi Beth–thanks for stopping by! I’m glad we could give you a good laugh! How you guys hung yours is exactly how Jon wants to hang ours!

  3. Oh man. The tick situation sounds super stressful! I know how pesky they can be, just from friends dealing with them after our mission trip to Mexico. I hope you get it squared away soon. And laughter is a great way to deal with that stress! We’ve had a lot of drama with things in our house, too, and we can either laugh or cry…and we choose to laugh! At least, most of the time. 😉

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