Summer Home Maintenance

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Can you believe that July is over? As we continue to stay in the dog days of summer we wanted to share a few of our summer home maintenance tips with our readers. Today we are sharing some tips from Filtrete Filters from 3M. Because it’s hotter out it is super important to properly maintain your air-conditioning unit as well as other house hold major appliances you might not always think about maintaining.

Here is a checklist on summer home maintenance tips from Mike Holmes. YOu know the trusted HGTV contractor from HGTV. This home maintenance to-do list won’t take long to complete and will help you maintain a healthy home. Heck you could complete this list on a rainy afternoon (or maybe a hot and humid afternoon where you just want to stay inside).

Is it time to replace your air conditioning filter?

Use an electrostatically charged Filtrete Brand air filter to help capture dust, pollen and lint from the air passing through the filter. Plus, changing your filter at the start of every season helps protect and maintain your system. In the summer months we use the Filtrete Micro Allergen Reduction Filter.

Unlike some other filters with similar ratings that are tightly woven and can restrict airflow, the Filtrete Micro Allergen Reduction Filter provides a balance of particle capture and airflow, thus helping to prevent stress on the system as well as reducing the amount of energy needed to reach desired temperatures.

Ideal for allergen capture, cleaner indoor air and efficient system maintenance

  • Designed to help clean indoor air by capturing dust, pollen and lint from the air
  • passing through the filter
  • Last up to three months
  • Price: $10.97
  • Where to buy: Lowe’s, Target, Walmart, and your local hardware store; find a location near you by visiting

Next, check your fire extinguisher. You should have at least one on hand in your home. We keep our in the garage. Its good to check the expiration date. If you have a multi-story home you should have an extinguisher on every floor of your home.

Next up, check that hot water heater of yours. Check to make sure your hot water heater is set to 120 degrees Farenheit or below to avoid potential scalding. We also like to empty out our tank two times a year to prevent calcium build up. You simply hook the garden hose up to it and drain 3/4 of the tank. It will take an hour or so. Then, once its drained you simply turn it back on and it will begin to fill again with fresh water. This helps the longevity of the tank.

Check your floors, walls, and foundation of your home for cracks! Make a list of the places that you find them and fix them before they lead to deterioration or worse, wood rot.

Lastly, clean your stove! Since I cook a lot our stove probably gets cleaned more often then most homes stoves. Remove and wash the stove grates, burners and coils with warm soapy water. This will help prevent grease fires. Over time the grease can build up around the stove increasing the chance of fire.

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Filtrete Brand from 3M makes an entire line of air filters for your home’s heating and cooling system – there’s one for each family’s needs and lifestyle. They start at just a few dollars, last up to three months and can be purchased at Lowe’s, Target, Walmart, Costco and your local hardware store. Find a location near you by visiting

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