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I’m so excited to share our recent Homes.com video with our readers. It is my favorite video to date. Today we are sharing our home story. Why we purchased, what we did to our home, and some of our favorite projects. I am so happy that we had the chance to share our home story. In my eyes it is the most amazing way to document our first home together. I’m not sure if we would have documented our home ownership journey without the help of Homes.com.

Our Home Story + Video from SewWoodsy.com

Like we mentioned in our video, our home was a foreclosed home that no one wanted… it had been abandoned and needed a lot of TLC.  After putting bids on multiple homes and continuously being out-bidded we finally found the house we would call “home”. The picture above was the photo the bank took of the home. It’s sadly the only real photo I have of the front of our home (well that and when its decked out for Halloween)! Since moving in we ripped out the dieing oak tree in the front and moved the sable palm to the back yard. We changed the landscaping around a little bit. But to be honest we still want to do more landscaping to the front of our home–it just gets post-poned as more projects come up!

Our Home Story + Video from SewWoodsy.comWe didn’t close on our home until after we had to be out of our town-home, so we packed up all of our stuff and moved it to Jon’s parents house. Then we packed a suitcase for ourselves and moved to my parents house with our dog for a month and a half. The night we closed on our home we went to the house and pulled out all the carpets in the bedrooms. They were NASTY! Over the course of the next month we would spend every waking hour at our house transforming it to make it our own. The photo above was when we were painting the walls beige. The block in the middle was actually all of our wood floors that we had covered with a drop cloth. We used a paint sprayed to make the painting go by faster! Jon painted the ceilings first followed by the walls. We would get off work and then work on our home until 11-12:00 at night. Go to work and repeat again. Our weekends for the month of that August were consumed by all things home. We would get in at 7am and wouldn’t leave until close to midnight. We were younger and full of energy to get moved into our new home!

Our Home Story + Video from SewWoodsy.com

After we were moved in Jon spent the first year working on my craft room. It was our first major DIY project in our home and one of my absolutely favorite places to be in! He built a paper rack, the desk, modular shelves, and ribbon/stamp racks. I re-did the file cabinet and the light switch plate using Mod Podge and paper that I used as my inspiration in the room. Most recently Jon added a cabinet to the craft room to give me more storage, and I have a feeling he will be adding another one real soon since I’m running out of room! On a side note, this room is small. It’s only 9 x9!

Our Home Story + Video from SewWoodsy.com

In between all the decor projects, our master bedroom was another big project we tackled. When we purchased the house the bedroom was painted in three gradients of yellow/green, and had carpet that was beyond salvageable. We originally painted the walls beige and a few years later once we decided on a color we painted them gray with a blue accent wall. We built a headboard, recovered and tufted a bench, restored wood dressers, installed tall base boards and crown moulding, and made a trumeau mirror. Our bedroom is rectangular in shape and that’s not too much you can do to the placement of the furniture to make it all fit.

Our Home Story + Video from SewWoodsy.com

One of the rooms I’ve loved seeing transform is our back patio! When we first bought our home it was a blank slate. Over the past few years, we added bushes, a fence, and then in 2012 we added an outdoor patio set!  Fast forward to earlier this summer and we refreshed our patio set with a makeover from World Market! I love how our patio has evolved over the 4 years of owning our home. It’s a great place to entertain and when the weather is right everyone can be found outside enjoying our cozy little space.

Our Home Story + Video from SewWoodsy.com

Another addition to our backyard came earlier this year when Jon installed the outdoor fire pit! This was one of his favorite projects to date! Sadly, we have only made one fire in it because the weather is just too dang hot here in Florida!

One of these days we will have a full-fledged home tour available on Sew Woodsy. Until then you get to see pieces and parts of our home. We would love to read about your home story. Feel free to tell us in the comments below.

Disclosure: We have a working relationship with Homes.com and are video brand ambassadors for 2013 (thus we are compensated). As always all opinions are our own.


  1. we are also going thru the challenge of having all our bids for homes being beaten by investors. We are trying to keep the faith that our house is still out there waiting for us.

  2. What a beautiful transformation! You two are such a great and constant DIY inspiration. 🙂

  3. hey guys@ I loved watching your video about your home story. So happy you’ve made this fixer upper your home sweet home!


  4. Loved hearing your home story! This is really helpful considering we are starting to look to buy, as well! Good to know that looking for a house that has been on the market for a while can work in your favor – – especially if you’re not afraid of putting in a little elbow grease!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing your home story on your blog! You two are such a great team and awesome inspiration to us all. I admire the fact that you worked day and night on your house immediately upon closing. I took off two weeks from work after we closed on our house and I sanded, painted, and stained non-stop. Then for about a year, I spent every weekend working on the house. I’m not sure if I have the energy to still do that, but it was such an exciting time.

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