{Air Filter Maintenance} Fall Allergies + Filtrete Healthy Home Giveaway

This is a sponsored post by Filtrete Filters from 3M. Filtrete Filters from SewWoodsy.com

On Monday, I mentioned about the Share The Joy campaign and the amazing volunteering opportunity we had. One of the first things Sarah noticed when she originally checked out the Central Florida Children’s Home was that they desperately needed a new air handler cover. It was dirty and partly rusted. So we made sure to pick up one at the local hardware store. What we didn’t realize was that we needed to replace the air filter. Thankfully, Filtrete Filters to the rescue!Filtrete Filters from SewWoodsy.com

When we went to change out the cover we noticed that they didn’t even have the correct air filter in place!

Filtrete Filters from SewWoodsy.comOn top of that I’m not sure they even know the last time it was changed! It was beyond gross. Not only is this harmful for there breathing but also for their air conditioning unit. Remember, here in Florida we run our air conditioning units YEAR ROUND! And most of us in Florida experience allergies year round as well.  I always notice watery eyes and runny noses particularly in the spring and fall. Experts are predicting that the 2013 allergy season to last longer this year, well into October and November, depending on the climate where you live. Thankfully, Orlando, Florida did not make the list for the top 10 worst cities for fall allergies, but allergy season is still in full effect here.

Filtrete Filters from SewWoodsy.com

And might I add that the current filter they had was held together by some electrical tape! Since we discovered this before lunch time, on our way to the grocery store to pick up the subs and chips for lunch we swang by the Sew Woodsy residence to grab a Filtrete Filter.

Filtrete Filters from SewWoodsy.com

We chose to replace their old filter with the Filtrete™ Ultimate Allergen Reduction Filter; this filter attracts and captures 93% of large particles like mold spores and, dust and pollen from the air passing through the filter. Perfect for the Central Florida Children’s Home office since it is an older building. This filter also attracts and captures microscopic allergens like smoke and household (office in our case) dust and microscopic particles that can carry bacteria, viruses and odors! Since the Filtrete™ Ultimate Allergen Reduction Filter outperforms all competitive 1-inch, three month filters we knew this was the best filter for the office! Hopefully, they will see a big difference in the quality of air they are breathing.

Filtrete Filters from SewWoodsy.comAfter we were done changing out the filter, Sarah from While They Snooze gave the inside a little touch up paint since it looked like it had seen better days. Whether you’re taking care of a home or even a small office, please remember the importance of changing out your air filter quarterly!

Now, on to the giveaway; one reader has the chance to win a Filtrete Healthy Home prize pack of Filtrete Filters and Filtrete Water Filtration Products (products may vary). All you need to do is enter the rafflecopter widget below. Please allow the rafflecopter to load. If it does not load, please click on the link. One winner will be chosen at random, ages 18+ and must reside in the United States. Giveaway ends 11:59 pm December 4, 2013.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Remember: You can register to receive seasonal e-newsletters that feature filter change reminders, better living tips and more, which can help you maintain your resolutions. For more helpful tips get social with Filtrete on Facebook and Twitter.

Disclaimer: We are brand ambassadors for Filtrete Filters from 3M. We were compensated to write this post. As always all opinions are our own. 

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  1. I’d make sure the air filter is the correct size!

  2. So glad to hear more of the story behind this project – – and that Sew Woodsy and Filtrete came to the rescue with this awesome filter! I’m sure everyone will be able to breathe a bit easier now in the Children’s Home Office. My hubby has REALLY bad allergies, which isn’t good for his asthma, so we try to keep the allergies at bay by regularly changing our air filter, frequently changing sheets, and dusting/vacuuming regularly. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  3. We change our filters out every 3 months, dust and vacuum regularly!

  4. Kristin Corbin says:

    We change out our filter regularly and vacuum 1-2 times a week (normally once lol ;)

  5. Yikes that filter was nasty! I’m sure they’ll notice a big difference after changing it out! I love the filtrate filters, and it’s actually the only brand we use because I see noticeable differences in the dust and pet hair factor compared to other brands! Thanks for the chance to win!

  6. Using a better filter would help! Thanks for sharing Katie! I love hearing more about this project.

  7. In addition to regular cleaning, such as dusting and cleaning the floors, we like to open the windows when possible. That has helped a lot to keep mold issues at bay.

  8. We are really lucky that we don’t have problems with allergies. We do make sure our air filters are clean . I feel compassion for those that struggle with allergies.

  9. I love that brand! We change our filters here often to keep the air cleaner and allergies down! Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. i use a salt lamp!

  11. gina lovejoy says:

    lots of vacuuming and dusting. Here in California we have stilled had the windows open (until yesterday)

  12. I use an air filter and keep the herb tea around for drinking throughout the day.

  13. Frequently changing my air filters and regularly sweeping,mopping, dusting, and cleaning linens.


  15. We use Filtrete products in our home, due to my seasonal allergies. It really helps! We used to use the cheapest brand possible, but my husband purchased a few on sale once and we’ve been hooked ever since!

  16. I use pleated filters in my AC and change them every 30-45 days. I also vacuum regularly.


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