{Volunteering} Share The Joy – Office Makeover Reveal

This is a sponsored post on behalf of World Market. 

The day has finally arrived! I get to reveal the office makeover we did last weekend at the Central Florida Children’s Home! A BIG thank you again to World Market for being our premium sponsor and providing all the furniture! They are the reason why we came together for such a great cause and volunteered to transform the Central Florida Children’s Home office. When Sarah approached me about the volunteer opportunity I knew we needed to ask a few other brands if they could help out, and boy did they! A big thanks to  RYOBI for donating drills for us to use to build the furniture, 3M for a plethora of ScotchBlue Painters Tape, Drop Cloths, Filtrete Air Filter, and endless office supplies, Homes.com and ForRent.com for supplying us with a gift card to purchase more items for the home like the new lighting (a new fan check out Sarah’s awesome tutorial on how to install a fan), and our local Home Depot for all the paint, rollers, trays, moulding, etc! Without everyone this makeover could have never happened! We knew we couldn’t just go in there and replace furniture. We had to do more for them! Central Florida Children's Home via SewWoodsy.comThis is just a reminder from earlier in the week of the current state of the Central Florida Children’s Home office. It was in dire need of a makeover! As Natalie said… “it’s stuck in the 80’s” and boy was she right! Some might wonder why we didn’t makeover the children’s home??? Well, the children’s home didn’t need to be made over. All the money they get goes into the children’s home. It is the office where all the behind the scene’s stuff goes on that get’s neglected. Hiram, the director of the program told how much of a burden this lifts off of their shoulders! They can continue to spend all their time and energy tending to the kids and of course meeting with potential new parents in their brand new office space!

ShareTheJoy Bloggers from SewWoodsy.com #ShareTheJoy #Volunteer

Let’s first start by introducing you to the team that made dreams come true for the Central Florida Children’s Home! Top left… Lauren from The Thinking Closet, Jon, Jamey (Sarah’s husband) While They Snooze, Me, Sarah from While They Snooze, Tony (Christine’s husband) First Home Love Life, Wendi from H2O Bungalow, Christine from First Home Love Life, Mark (Lauren’s husband) The Thinking Closet.

Cars Loaded

Remember, this project happened last Sunday. The day after we got back from our week long relaxing babymoon in the Caribbean! Jon and I strolled in around 10am with a truck loaded full of tools! We were greeted by Sarah and Jamey’s vehicle’s full of supplies too!

Painting for the #ShareTheJoy campaign

When we arrived we started painting immediately. Jamey, Wendi, and Sarah had already worked on patching up all the holes in the walls (from what I understand they had like 500 million (ok maybe I’m exaggerating)). We got to painting (and I used my handy-dandy 3M respirator to not miss out on the painting fun)! I loved the color Sarah picked out; BEHR Light French Gray. I love the color so much I’m thinking about using that for the nursery walls! Jon worked on cutting in the bottom baseboards. He used a flat spatula and some ScotchBlue Painters Tape over it to cut-in and not get any on the baseboards! Pretty smart, right?

repairing baseboards

Jon worked on adding in baseboard where it was missing. Wendi using the AirStrike

And Jon taught Wendi how to use the RYOBI AirStrike. She was love after one pull of the trigger (I know what’s going on her Christmas list)!

light fixture

Jamey worked on using the existing lighting and adding a drum shade that Sarah made from fabric she received at Haven and a drum shade she found at Goodwill!

routing shelves

While Sarah and I left to pick up lunch, Jon worked on creating the custom shelves for the office (that’s another tutorial coming to the blog soon).Stenciled Wall

After lunch on day 1 we got started on the stencil wall. Sarah used the Large Moroccan Key Stencil from Royal Design Studio Stencils that she used on a previous project. We both knew it would be labor of love but also knew that it would make such a dramatic statement to the room. We were working on this wall up until the last few minutes before the big reveal! We all took turns stenciling! Even Jamey helped out towards the end.  We decided to add a boarder around the stencil since it was almost impossible (and getting very messy) to stencil to the edges and top of the wall. Kuddos to Sarah for coming up with this resolution!

Replacing Glass

Jon decided to tackle fixing the broken window. Stay tuned on a tutorial in the coming month!

cutting glass

We had to stop our stencil party so he could work on the window before the sun went down. Which it went down much quicker than we all anticipated. He had fun on his practice cuts of glass. Everyone was ooing and aweing at his glass cutting skills. The photo above is of a piece of the real glass for the window that was trimmed off!

share the joy day 1 bloggers

This was our group of bloggers on day 1! Did I mention that Wendi drove from Tampa (that’s 1.5 hours) to join us for the day! She’s awesome and we could not have gotten so much accomplished without her help!

ScotchBlue Painters Tape Art Piece #ShareTheJoy

On day 2 we wanted to do something to the hanging white board they had in the office (it opens up to a white board). We decided to go with a timeless boarder around it using ScotchBlue Painters Tape! It turned out amazing! Look at the crisp lines! Oh and all Sarah did was sand around the boarder before we applied the paint! Easy as that!

Share The Joy Volunteer Project from SewWoodsy.com

This is pretty much what the space looked like while we were working! Organized chaos!

spray painting frames

Christine worked on spray painting frames.

recovering a cork boardI worked on what should have been a quick project, recovering cork boards. Instead… I didn’t realize that I had super long nails in my AirStrike and nailed the cork board to the desk… oops! When it came time to hang the boards, I decided to just use the AirStrike to set them in place. They weren’t going anywhere!

picture frame wallLauren worked on hanging the photos and the clock! Our goal was to be done and out of the door by 5:00 and we just made it in time!

day 2 share the joy bloggers

This was our day 2 group of bloggers! Just looking at this picture makes me feel like someone put a basketball in my shirt! lol! Funny thing is that my mom participated in my dance recital many years ago when she was 7 months pregnant with my brother. Here I am 5.5 months pregnant with my son and volunteering. This kiddo is getting a good life lesson very early on!

And then it was reveal time! Lauren took this awesome video of us reveal the office to Hiram! Words, pictures, and videos cannot describe the joy that I felt in my heart at that moment. He was in awe and just taken back!

Before and After -ConferenceTable

The conference room table and existing break room before and after! Check out the curtains too!

Before and after - Entryway

The entry way with the new Verona Buffet paired with the custom shelves that Jon made. Oh and lets not forget the custom artwork that Lauren created for the office!


Another day 2 addition was the chalkboard wall. Christine worked on this project but sadly we don’t have any photos of her working on it. We added two Verona Bookshelves and filled most of the shelves with books donated by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. What we learned during the process is that the older kids will sometimes go to the office to escape from the house and work on homework. So this is perfect for them!


Across from the bookshelves is Miss Natalie’s desk. We used the existing furniture that was in Hiram’s never used office for Miss Natalie, and added in the custom cork board that I created!

Before Hiram did not have his own office. The director! He shared one desk with Natalie because they never had time to create a place for him. Now he has a private space to meet with clients!

Hiram in his new office

Now he has his new dream office. We used a combination of existing furniture and the Konrad Desk and Zane Pedestal Table. Plus added the new light fixture and existing art they had on hand. He made the comment that he wanted to sleep in his office that night.

group with hiram

Sarah, Lauren, and I were able to share the grand reveal with Hiram. 

DSC_0905And here is me with Hiram and Ms. Natalie. Two extremely deserving people who are always selfless and giving back to others! I could not be happier at the fact that we were able to update their office for them!
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Make sure you stop by the other blogs and read their reveal post: While They Snooze, Thinking Closet, and  First Home Love Life!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post on behalf of World Market. Regardless if we had not been compensated we would have still volunteered on this project. We love World Market and as always all opinions are my own!


  1. I’m completely overjoyed reading all the good that went on to benefit the Children’s Home! Y’all Rock!
    Blessings to you and yours,

  2. The space turned out great – loved the stencil and the color and pattern!!

  3. So awesome to see you all coming together to do so much good for the Children’s Home! What a blessing!!

  4. I love reading posts like this, especially at this time of year!!Such a beautiful thing and you all are amazing!!

    • Thanks Michelle. It feels so good to be able to give back and give back on a grand scale thanks to all the opportunities blogging has brought us!

  5. You and your team did great work! The makeover looks wonderful and you can tell that they appreciated all your hard work! I think this should count as Baby Boy Jasiewicz’s first service project!

    • Kelly–I totally agree. We have gotten emails from them since we did the reveal and they are still in awe. Everyone from their church is coming to see the makeover! I agree–this is our boys first (of many) service projects!

  6. That wall is seriously incredible, love it!

  7. Love the before and after! Great Job!

  8. You look beautiful! And what a transformation!
    I think the way you ladies made the office feel like home will mean the world to the organization and the people it serves!
    That furniture certainly helped!

    • Thanks Mallie! By the time I see you I will really be HUGE! 😉 I agree–we made it a very friendly and home like environment to mimic what they are doing for the kids!

  9. This turned out great, I like the addition of the blue frame on the white board box, bringing it in from the other room.

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