Retro Christmas Tree Ornament

Day 11 of the 12 Days of Handmade Ornaments! Today, I have Ashley from The Feisty Redhead sharing how to make her Retro Christmas Tree Ornament! Don’t forget to enter to win the Cricut Giveaway going on during our 12 day event!

Retro Christmas Tree Ornament

Hey, Sew Woodsy readers! I’m Ashley, and I blog at The Feisty Redhead. I’ve been reading Katie and Jon’s blog for a few years now, so I jumped at the chance to participate in 12 Days of Handmade Ornaments.

I wanted to make an ornament that had a retro feel to it, so I made this ornament using vintage polyester fabric that I inherited from my great aunt. I didn’t even have to go to the craft store to buy the supplies! The ornament actually serves two purposes: it’s a fun ornament and a great way to remember my great aunt — and her awesome taste in fabric. Feel free to use whatever fabric you have on hand to make yours if retro is not your thing.

The ornament also requires a bit of embroidery experience. Don’t worry if you’ve never made French knots, though. It’s easy to learn.

Let’s get started!



  • Fabric
  • Fabric marker or chalk
  • Basic sewing supplies
  • Poly-fil or other stuffing
  • Red embroidery floss
  • Small length of ribbon

1. Fold fabric in half, then double the fabric lengthwise. Using your fabric marker or chalk, draw one-half of a Christmas tree on the fabric. No need to get fancy here; I drew mine free-hand.

Draw Ornament

2. Cut out tree pattern. You will now have two tree pieces.

3. Thread a needle with red embroidery floss and embroider French knots on the right side of one piece of fabric. Donít worry about placement. Random knots look just as nice! Remember that youíll be sewing the tree together, so leave a bit of space around the edges to allow for sewing.

Not sure how to embroider a French knot? Sublime Stitching has some great instructions.


4. After youíve embroidered one side of the tree, pin the two pieces, right sides together.

5. Using a sewing machine, sew around the tree using a Ωî seam allowance. Remember to pivot at the corners, lowering the needle, lifting the presser foot, and turning the fabric so that you have sharp corners. Leave a 1 Ωî gap at the top of the tree. I used blue thread so my seam is more visible, but you can use a thread that coordinates with your fabric.

6. Trim the corners of the tree so that the edges will look nice and smooth.

7. Turn the ornament right-side out, using the eraser-end of a pencil to turn the corners out if necessary. Stuff with poly-fill.

8. Thread a needle with coordinating thread. Bring the ends of your ribbon together and insert the ends right inside the ornament. Hand sew the gap closed, folding the seams in as you sew.
Tie off the thread.


Your ornament is ready to hang on the tree!



  1. Love this material! Retro is so popular and the tree idea so cute!!

  2. Love the material and tree so very cute.

  3. I love the retro fabric from your family stash – what a cool way to add it to your tree!!

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