How to De-Clutter a Room… aka clean it out for a nursery!


Cleaning out guest room

Warning: these are not pretty photos. All photos taken on my iPhone that we are about to share! 

I think the hardest part about our big nursery project is cleaning out the guest room. Over the past 4.5 years our guest room has been our “dumping ground”. Yes, you read that correctly. We would just dump whatever it was into that room. And then when we had a family member come to visit we were running around frantically trying to move all the crap out of the room to get it “guest” ready. Back in December we sold our guest bedroom set, so that was half the battle (within one day on Craigslist)! The room looked great… empty on one side! 🙂

Cleaning out guest room

Well, the time has come where the room has to be cleaned out. No more pushing off the clutter to another room and then back in the room. Our guest room is officially being transformed into a nursery. My goal was to have this room cleaned out back in October (HA HA), but we have had some challenges with my pregnancy and well we were a little less than motivated to get the room cleaned up and stuff out.

Best way to tackle de-cluttering a room…. make three piles.


Cleaning out guest room

Easy as that. Well I wish it was that easy. The goal is that the keep pile is much smaller than the other two piles. It takes a lot of discipline this way, but helps you really get rid of a lot of unwanted stuff… the stuff you’ve been shlepping around for the past 5+ years.

Cleaning out guest roomNeedless to say, Lola was a little freaked out. Or maybe she just wanted to help. She decided to make herself comfy on a large stack of sheets.

Cleaning out guest roomAfter we got back from our trip up to NYC (more on that later), my goal was to have it cleaned out by the first week of January. I’m excited to share that we met my goal.

Cleaning out guest room

By the morning of January 3rd the guest room was officially cleaned out (minus the closet–it still has a lot of our belongings in it and will until Jon can build us custom cabinets for our laundry room).

Cleaning out guest room - painting!

And he even painted that same day.

More on that next week plus an awesome giveaway from HomeRight!


  1. great job guys! ugh! I hate decluttering. It’s not the actual DOING, it’s the deciding and trying to find a home for what I keep.

    I look forward to seeing more!


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