Painting the Nursery

Painting the Nursery

Do you like to paint? I don’t mind it. I guess its a good thing since I fee like I paint a room in our house just about every month. Last year, at Haven I met the people at HomeRight and they shared the HomeRight® PaintStick EZ-Twist Paint Applicator with me. I’ll be honest, I was skeptical at first, but I still wanted to give it a try.

I never got to give it a try in 2013 and I figured the perfect project to try it on in 2014 was the nursery! After de-cluttering the nursery in just one day, the following day I got to painting. Back in November, when Katie and I volunteered at the Central Florida Children’s Home we painted for a full day. We both really liked the color that Sarah picked out for the home, and that’s when we decided we would use the same color for our nursery, BEHR Light French Grey.

Painting the Nursery

A few things had to be done first to prepare the walls. I removed the existing curtain rod and then patched and sanded the holes. I know we will hang curtains but who knows how high on the wall, so I figured its easier to patch and paint over it and then do that later.

Painting the Nursery 4

Next up, I used a piece of old matte board to cut-in the paint along the molding.

painting the nursery with HomeRight

Once I finished cutting in around the room, it was time to try the HomeRight® PaintStick. The PaintStick EZ-Twist draws paint directly from the can into its handle and feeds it onto the perforated roller cover with a simple twist of the handle. No need for an open tray and roller which eliminates spills and drips.

I placed the lid on the paint can, and then began drawing up the paint with the PaintStick with an easy pull of the handle. The paint started to immediately fill up the tube.

Painting the Nursery 2

Then I started to paint the wall. But nothing was happening… you might notice the paint was very light on the wall. After a few times of refilling the tube and applying the paint on the wall the roller finally filled and I was getting complete coverage and color. Painting the Nursery

It takes a little bit to get started, and as you go you’ll figure out exactly how much paint to push out while painting. Once you achieve that, you’ll paint the room in no time.

I think where the HomeRight® PaintStick will come in handy is when I need to paint a ceiling. If you have a big area to paint, I wouldn’t even question not using the PaintStick. It still works good for a smaller room. It helps your back from bending down constantly to dip the paint stick in the paint tray.

Just as easy as it was to start up its that easy to clean. Take a bucket of water and pull in the water just like you did with the paint. Push the water out to clean the tube and then take a part the roller and clean as you normally would any paint roller.

Painting the Nursery the before and after. BEHR Light French Grey

Here is the before and after. In about a half day the nursery was painted. You might be wondering why I didn’t paint the bottom of the walls? That’s because we are working on board and batten. More on that to come later.

Stop by later this week for a chance to win a HomeRight® PaintStick to try out on your next project!

Disclaimer: We received product from HomeRight® to try out. As always all opinions are our own. 


  1. That is genius! We just painted our entire garage, and I wish I knew about something like this existing…it was especially a pain getting up on the ladder to paint, then going down to get more paint on the roller (rinse and repeat).

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