Glitter Stencil Vase

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Late last year, Amy from Mod Podge Rocks reached out to me and asked me if I wanted to try out her new stencil line. I love using stencils and I adore Amy, so I agreed to give her new stencil line a try! I received the Mod Podge ® Rocks! Peel & Stick Stencils – Tangier stencil. After I received it I was trying to think of a project to make. After making my spring bird cage for the Pinterest Party and prettying up our buffet in our dining room I decided I would repurpose the washi tape swirl vase I created a few years ago and give it a face lift with some Mod Podge and glitter!

This is a super easy project perfect for a beginner crafter or even for the advanced! I worked on this project during my Pinterest party last weekend and showed the other girls who joined along just how easy it is to use the new stencils!

Glitter Stencil Vase


Glitter Stencil Vase

First, you’ll want to peel the stencil off the sheet and place it on to your surface.

Glitter Stencil VaseUse a spouncer to apply a thick coating of Mod Podge to your vase.

Glitter Stencil Vase

Peel the stencil off the vase.

Glitter Stencil Vase

Then sprinkle with glitter.

Glitter Stencil Vase

This is what it looked like my first go around. I did not work fast at all. Instead I was chit-chatting with the girls. So after it dried I decided to give it another go around.

Glitter Stencil VaseThe key with using the Mod Podge Stencils is to work very fast and apply a very thick coat of Mod Podge on to your surface.

Glitter Stencil Vase

I used a brush to brush off the excess glitter.

Glitter Stencil Vase

This is what it looked like as a trial one and two… The second time around it worked much better because I worked fast. So repeat with me, WORK FAST!

Glitter Stencil Vase

Its hard to tell but this is what it looked like once I completed the other side of the vase. Easy as that. Of course not pictured was the clean up. In hind sight I should have cleaned off the stencil in between the coats. Instead I waited until the end. The stencil is still plenty sticky and I’ll easily be able to use it for a few more projects!
Glitter Stencil Vase

I stopped for beautiful tulips on my way home from my Pinterest party. I filled up the vase with water and placed the tulips in the vase on our spring themed buffet!

glitter stencil vase

After working on this project here is what I thought about the product.


  • Cute designs
  • Great price point
  • Adhesive


  • Mod Podge dries quickly
  • Need to apply on thick and work very quickly

how to create a glitter stencil vase

How do you like to decorate for spring? Is it with glitter and Mod Podge, like me?

Disclaimer: I received the stencil for review purposes. I was not compensated to create this project. As always all opinions are my own.


  1. This is so pretty! I love the green glitter – thank you so much!

  2. Gorgeous!!

  3. I love the vase. The stencils look really easy to use!

  4. LOVE this idea and how it turned out. The green glitter you chose is perfect for spring!!

  5. This is so much fun!!!

  6. What a fun idea, love that the stencils are self-stick!

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