Organize the Coat Closet in Minutes!

organize the coat closet in minutes -- useful tips and tricks anyone can use! Before our baby shower I was all about getting our house cleaned up and organized. Maybe this is partly due to “nesting”, but one thing that has bothered me for years (and yet I’ve never done anything before last month about it) was our coat closet. For a couple that lives in Florida we sure do have a lot of coats, gloves, scarves, and hats. This is the only linen like closet we have in our home. The builder who built our home back in 2005 thought it was a good idea to not add any linen closets to our home. It definitely had to be a man who decided that… just saying.

Organize the coat closet in minutes!

So while Jon was working on putting away our Christmas tree (which was just done days before the baby shower), I did a quick clean up of our closet and of course snapped a few photos while I was doing it.

Organize the coat closet in minutes!

The first thing I did was pull everything out of the closet. This was also a good time to figure out what we wanted to keep and what we could donate. It was in the 20’s and 30’s here in Florida that week, so it was perfect timing to go drop off the unwanted outwear we had.

I also grabbed a basket that I had to neatly fold all the hats, scarves, and gloves. I did a his and hers side too. Jon was to the right, and my stuff was to the left. Makes it easier when you go to reach in (of course you just have to remember what side your goods are on).

Organize the coat closet in minutes!Next up, I pulled the dogs clothing and toys down. Yes, our dog has clothing. Mainly jackets and some of her toys were stored up there in an old Lucky bag that has seen better days. So I grabbed a clear bin we weren’t using so I could put the coats away.

Organize the coat closet in minutes!I purged a lot and then neatly put away everything else as well as extra leashes and collars we might one day need.

Organize the coat closet in minutes!We had some of our steam mop supplies, vacuum bags, and pool table supplies in the closet so I neatly stacked them on top of the plastic bin. We don’t go into that bin that often so its best to keep it their then inside the basket.

Organize the coat closet in minutes!So we went from a disastrous closet to a clean and organized closet in minutes!

Organize the coat closet in minutes!

I’m so much happier with how it looks now!

Organize the coat closet in minutes!Drastic changes in just minutes. If you just spend a few minutes on your coat closet your coat closet can look just like ours in minutes… ok well maybe 30 minutes!


  1. great tips on the coat closet. I don’t even “have” a coat closet. 🙁 my stuff is everywhere. lol

    • Thanks Gail! It’s the only closet besides the ones in our bedroom that we have “extra”… I’m shocked your home up north doesn’t have one… then again I’m still shocked that we don’t have linen closets! lol.

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