10 Spring Projects from Homework

Today, I’m so excited to kick off a month full of guest post. Still no baby yet, but this in an effort so once he is here we can devote and spend some time with our baby! Our first guest is Carolyn from homework. She is sharing her top 10 spring projects. I’ve known Carolyn a few years now and she has guest blogged for us before. She made the most adorable pom pom snowman ornaments for the first ever 12 days of Handmade ornaments. Last week, was the official first day of spring, Carolyn decided to share some of her favorite spring projects, and this list of projects should hopefully get everyone in the mood to get crafting for spring!

10 Spring Projects from homework

Hello Sew Woodsy readers! I’m Carolyn from homework and I’m filling in for Katie aka Mrs. Woodsy today while she’s on her maternity leave. I do believe today is her actual due date. So exciting!  I know we all can’t wait to see pictures of Baby Woodsy.

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite spring projects that I created over at homework. I hope you enjoy them.

Butterfly-Feeder-Jar-7_thumbNow that spring is here, you can easily attract butterflies to your garden with a butterfly feeder. Turn an ordinary bottle into a feeder and make it pretty with stencils and paint.
Confetti-Bowl-7_thumb2Little scraps of paper are perfect to use if you want to make a Paper Mache Confetti Bowl. Use a 1 inch circle punch and start punching. Place cellophane wrap over a bowl and paper mache your circles to the bowl. Once it’s dried, you’ll have a beautiful paper bowl.
Cranberry Glass 2

Coloring ordinary jars is a great way to create sea glass, milk glass and blue glass. I decided to try and make cranberry glass with food coloring and Mod Podge.


Speckled Eggs 5[6]Go old-school with dyed eggs but add a bit of speckled shimmer with a metallic Sharpie.

Lemon 12[2]Making sugar cubes was easier than I had thought. And if you like lemon and sugar in your tea, why not combine the two and make Lemon Sugar Cubes.

Turn an old cosmetic container into pretty storage by creating paper flowers for the lid.

Have you planted your spring garden yet? I love growing tomatoes, although last year my crop wasn’t that great. I’m hoping for a good crop this year so I can make my favorite Shrimp Salsa.
If you’re going to be pruning your trees, save those branches. You never know what you might use them for. I used a small section of branch and carved out a heart. A round paper clip on the top turns it into a nice photo holder.
Herb Pots 8[2]Along with tomatoes, I love growing herbs. You can start off your little seedling in newspaper pots. Once they’re ready to plant, you can plant the entire pot since the newspaper will break down.
Beach Glass 11[10]And since we’re in spring, that means summer is not that far off. Nothing makes me happier than dreaming about summer and the beach. Get a head start and make some beach glass from old bottles and jars. All you need is Mod Podge, a little white paint and some dirt.

I hope you enjoyed a little sampling of my projects. Stop by anytime and visit me at homework. And thank you so much Mrs. Woodsy for having me over today. I can’t wait to meet Baby Woodsy!
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