Choosing the right kitchen backsplash

Choosing the right kitchen back splash can be just as stressful (if not more stressful) than the entire kitchen project we worked on! After all, the backsplash is kind of permanent. It is not like you can easily remove it and put something else up. From the beginning when I shared my kitchen revamp inspiration board I knew I wanted white subway tile. I felt that it was a safe option.

measuring for backsplash

Before you go to the store, you need to calculate how much you will need. This comes down to square footage. If you don’t know how to calculate square footage, check out this post from Four Generations One Roof. Jessica breaks it all down for you! It’s also a great idea to bring a piece of the countertop with you if you have a scrap piece.

kitchen backsplash options

We had a romantic Friday night date night at the Floor and Decor. We took our piece of scrap butcher block and began placing tiles up against it.backsplash options

We continued to browse the aisles, trying out each and every backsplash that called our names.

white kitchen subway tile

We also payed a visit to the white subway tile I really wanted.


kitchen backsplash

And then we laid eyes on something that was totally different than what we thought we wanted. We loved it. contemplating the price of kitchen backsplash

At the end of the day you have to do what’s best for your budget. We started to fall in love with this backsplash until we did the calculations and it was going to cost us over $800 for just the tile alone. We quickly put that back up and went back to the white subway tile.

final supplies

We grabbed all the white subway tile we needed plus had a 10% overage just in case we needed extra. We also grabbed the grout, grout admix, and other tools we would need to complete our job. After everything was said and done we spent just under $150 to tile our kitchen backsplash!

A side note, we bought our tile and then it sat for almost 30 days. Read your receipt. We had 30 days to get our money back if we needed to return supplies. Our tile store would allow us to return the unused tiles (even if the box was open). By the time Jon got to tiling we were on day 28. And he noticed that we picked up the wrong box. They weren’t flat they had more of a shape. Oh and he forgot to get the end transition pieces… so back to the tile store it was to exchange out the title pictured above for the correct stuff. By the time we finished and got back to the tile store a third time we had just 2 days left to spare again. Make sure you know the return policy of your tile shop before you even purchase your tiles!

Disclaimer: all photos were taken with my iPhone 4s. This is not a “Pinterest pretty” post!


  1. great tips Katie! I went to look at tile, and was shocked at the prices. I came home and did a board and batten technique, and I’m still happy with it. I don’t feel the need to change up stuff much these days.


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